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Lakhmir Singh Solutions Class 10 Biology Chapter 1: Life Process

The first chapter of the chapter, 'Life Process', revolves around the processes that happen in the human body to keep it alive. Students get a clear vision of all the processes that take place inside the body. It explains that without one function, the other functions cannot work efficiently. For the proper functioning of a human body, all the process needs to work systematically. The chapter's content is created in a way that will be easy for the students to understand. The various functions that happen inside the body to keep our functions working efficiently are as follows:

  • Nutrition
  • Respiration
  • Transportation
  • Excretion

Along with these functions, it also mentions the processes that take place in unicellular living organisms. The chapter elaborately describes the different kinds of processes that take place in plants and their structure is briefly explained. This chapter gives the differences of the processes in plants and animals separately. It also gives an elaborate functioning of microscopic organisms. The chapter deals with the concepts of how nutrition is important and how it is obtained from various foods consumed. The chapter further delves into the topic of respiration and explains how organisms get their energy from this process. The subject matter further explores the concepts of transportation, i.e. movement of the body, and eliminating the waste from the body is also explained in detail.

The format in the first chapter is question and answer type, where every topic is covered in the form of questions, and to every question, answers are given. There are five kinds of question patterns that are short, very short, long MCQ type, questions based on high-order thinking skills. Through this plethora of questions, the entire chapter is covered and well explained. It develops a clear picture in the student's mind. The chapter is self-explanatory.


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Key Features of Aakash Lakhmir Singh Solutions Of Class 10 Biology Chapter 1: Life Process:

  • Lakhmir Singh Solutions for class 10 Biology by the Aakash Institute has been written in a student-friendly approach in a very easy language.
  • The solutions pdf prepares the students for the exam completely as it has a wide range of questions in different patterns that cover the chapter's topics.
  • The solutions are written in a manner that meets the demands of the CBSE examination.
  • The answers are to the point and do not unnecessarily elongate the subject matter.
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