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Repeater Courses for NEET & JEE Droppers at Aakash

NEET JEE Repeater Courses

Repeater courses (or dropper courses) are specifically designed for aspirants who have passed class 12th and want to appear or reattempt the NEET/JEE, other medical and engineering exams.

Aakash Institute, one of the leading coaching institutes for medical and engineering entrance exams in India, offers repeater courses for NEET or JEE droppers who want to appear for NEET or JEE again. These courses are designed to help students who have already appeared for these exams in the past but couldn't clear them.

The repeater courses at Aakash Institute are comprehensive and cover all the important topics in-depth. These courses are designed by experienced faculty members who have a deep understanding of the exam pattern and syllabus. The course material provided to the students is updated regularly to ensure that they are in sync with the latest changes in the exam pattern.

The repeater courses at Aakash Institute also include regular assessments to help students understand their strengths and weaknesses. These assessments are designed to simulate the actual exam pattern and help students get a feel of the exam environment. The faculty members at Aakash Institute also provide personalized feedback to each student, helping them improve their performance.

Apart from regular classroom sessions, the repeater courses at Aakash Institute also include doubt clearing sessions, where students can get their queries resolved by experienced faculty members. This helps students clear any doubts they may have and ensures that they have a clear understanding of the concepts.

The infrastructure at Aakash Institute is top-notch, with well-equipped classrooms and labs. The institute also provides access to online study material, which students can access from anywhere, anytime. This helps students revise the topics at their own pace and convenience.

Who Should Enroll in a Repeater Course?

Aakash repeater courses are custom designed for NEET/JEE droppers. You should opt for a repeater course if:

  • You have passed Class 12th and have already appeared in the NEET/JEE and/or other engineering or medical entrance exams but did not qualify
  • You qualified but did not get admission in an institute of your choice due to low score
  • You did not get a high or expected rank
  • You did not appear for NEET/JEE and/or other engineering or medical entrance exam due to class 12 exams and wish to drop a year exclusively for medical or engineering entrance exam preparation.

Why Aakash Repeater Course?

Aakash Repeater Courses are meticulously crafted for students who are focusing solely on NEET/JEE or other medical or engineering entrance exams. Our course curriculum differs from other one-year or two-year programs as it is targeted only at the entrance exam pattern and not on school/board exams. It enables aspirants to prepare aggressively through exhaustive and in-depth study material, test series, mock tests while constantly improving speed, accuracy and understanding of core concepts.

Everything in a dropper or repeater course is directed at cracking the NEET/JEE by assessing, analyzing and improving performance with every passing day. Tips and tricks to boost scores, reduce time and gain an edge are an integral part of Aakash Repeater courses for NEET and of Aakash Repeater courses for JEE.


JEE & NEET Repeater Courses Available

  1. Repeater Course for JEE Main & Advanced 2024
  2. Repeater Course for NEET 2024

Benefits of Aakash NEET Dropper Batch 2024

Here are some of the key benefits of the Aakash Repeater Course:

Personalized Attention: The Aakash Repeater Course provides personalized attention to each student, allowing them to focus on their individual strengths and weaknesses. This helps students to overcome their weaknesses and enhance their strengths.

Experienced Faculty: The Aakash Repeater Course is taught by experienced faculty members who have a deep understanding of the NEET and JEE exams. They are well-versed in the latest exam patterns and have a proven track record of helping students achieve success.

Comprehensive Study Material: The Aakash Repeater Course provides students with comprehensive study material that covers all the important topics and concepts required for the NEET and JEE exams. The study material is designed to help students improve their understanding and retention of key concepts.

Regular Tests and Assessments: The Aakash Repeater Courses conduct regular tests and assessments to help students evaluate their progress and identify areas that need improvement. This helps students to focus on their weak areas and work on them to improve their performance.

Doubt Clearance Sessions: The Aakash Repeater Course provides doubt clearance sessions to students, where they can ask their doubts and get them cleared by experienced faculty members. This helps students to understand difficult concepts and solve complex problems. 

Motivational Sessions: The Aakash Repeater Course also conducts motivational sessions to help students stay motivated and focused on their goals. These sessions provide students with the necessary inspiration and guidance to achieve success in their next attempt. 

Flexible Learning Options: The Aakash Repeater Course provides flexible learning options to students, allowing them to choose the mode of learning that best suits their needs. Students can opt for online or offline classes, depending on their preferences.

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