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NCERT Solutions for Class 11 English Hornbill Snapshots Chapter 7:Birth

The story is a short extract taken from the novel "The Citadel", written by A.J. Cronin. The novel dealt with the theme of medical ethics. The extracted story revolves around the character named Andrew Manson, who just graduated from medical school.

The story begins with Andrew walking towards his home after an argument with his girlfriend, Christine. He finds Joe Morgan waiting outside his house. Joe informs him that his wife is about to give birth, and he is anxious about it. Andrew goes to assist his wife Susan but realises that there is still time left. Susan's mother offers him tea to drink while he waits. While drinking tea, Andrew thinks about his friends' similar situation in their relationships just as he is. He finds himself stuck in a conflicted state as he believes that marriages are meant to be something harmonious that brings peace and cheer to one's life.

When Susan was ready to give birth, he assisted her and later, they found the newborn was born lifeless. Susan, who herself was in an unconscious state, and required help. In a state of dilemma, Andrew helped Susan first before turning to the newborn. He tried several procedures on the newborn, who suffered from the restricted oxygen supply. He juggled the child between hot and cold water tirelessly till the child heaved and caught his breath finally. With the mother and the child in a stable and safe state, Andrew left their home after informing Joe about the successful birth of his son. While on his way back home, he thinks about the entire incident. The whole incident made his heart full with the feeling of accomplishing something worthwhile.


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