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NCERT Solutions for Class 11 English Snapshots Chapter 5:Mother's Day

Written by J.B. Priestly, the chapter is a humorous play with supernatural themes. Mrs Pearson is a housewife who is often ignored and looked down upon by her family, so her friend helps her to teach the family a lesson by casting a body-swap spell. The two women swap bodies multiple times, which is the source of humour in the play. The play's five characters are Mrs Annie Pearson, her husband, Mr George Pearson, children Doris and Cyril, and her friend Mrs Fitzgerald.

The opening scene takes place in Mrs Pearson's living room. Mrs Pearson and Mrs Fitzgerald are sitting opposite each other, discussing Mrs Pearson's fortune. The two women are described to have sharply contrasting voices and nature. Mrs Pearson is a pleasant natured woman with a light, flurried tone, whereas Mrs Fitzgerald has a strong personality and deep voice with an Irish accent. Mrs Pearson talks about her family, not appreciating anything she does for them and never thanking her. Mrs Fitzgerald proposes a plan to switch bodies to discipline her family. Mrs Fitzgerald, in Mrs Pearson's body, refuses to acknowledge any orders given by Cyril and Doris and tells them off by saying she might even take the weekend off. Shocked by their mother's unusual behaviour, they do not argue with her.

Next, Mrs Pearson's husband is shocked by his wife's unusual actions; unknown to his knowledge, and it was Mrs Fitzgerald in Mrs Pearson's body at that moment. Mrs Fitzgerald mocks George, and it is at this moment the real Mrs Pearson enters the scene. Seeing the distressed family members, she coerces Mrs Fitzgerald to switch back to their original bodies. The scene ends with Mrs Pearson offering everyone a game of rummy and Mrs Fitzgerald leaving the scene.


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