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Aakash NEET Coaching in Naroda/Nikol

NEET is India's national-level medical entrance exam for admission into government and private medical institutes. Students require professional guidance and help to study using the right techniques and methods. Aakash coaching centre helps students realise their potential and make learning simpler and easier. 

NEET Coaching Centres in Naroda/Nikol

Coaching and self-study are the two main keys required for clearing any competitive exam in India. In this world of cut-throat competition, it is important that students learn techniques and tricks to solve questions taking less time and rise above their competition. Aakash coaching centre in Naroda/Nikol helps students gain confidence with time and practice previous years' papers to work on their skills. Our team of highly-qualified teachers helps explain every concept and chapter in detail. They also conduct doubt-removal sessions after every lecture.

We have adopted a path very different from typical standard coaching. We recognise that every student has a different grasping power and retaining ability. Therefore, our aim lies in making every lecture as student-friendly and centred as possible. Our students can also conduct sessions with our teachers and counsellors to help them manage their time and preparation schedule. Our teachers and counsellors provide a healthy environment to our students to help them feel at ease and retain information easily. 

NEET Courses Offered by Aakash Institute in Naroda/Nikol

  • OY-Regular Medical Course for NEET- Students who have cleared their class 12 exams can enrol for this course. Apart from them, this course is also open for repeaters, dropouts, and regulars. This course will start from the first week of May 2022 and end 1-2 weeks before the NEET 2023 examination. Students will be provided with regular fortnightly tests, home assignments, online test series, model tests sheets, and the AIATS to improve their skills in each subject. This course also includes the iTutor Lab Facility. 
  • Crash Course for NEET- This course is conducted in the classroom mode and aims to provide expert revision coaching for the NEET Exam. In this course, we provide printed study notes. We also conduct regular NEET based tests to help students get used to the exam atmosphere. It is suitable for the students who wish to prepare for the exam in a few months. The classes for this course will begin from somewhere around 26th March -4th April 2022 and will end before the NEET 2022 exam. The eligibility criteria for this course includes students who have passed their class XII exams or are appearing for their Class XII exams. The course highlight includes conducting 15 plus tests based on the NEET exam pattern. 

Benefits of Joining Aakash Coaching Centres in Naroda/Nikol for NEET Coaching 

Aakash coaching centre helps students provide a clear insight into their weak areas and subjects. This helps them prepare better for the NEET exam. Additionally, we also conduct regular tests to help students gauge their potential and work on their weaknesses. The most important part of cracking any competitive exam is to gain clarity of concepts and theorems. At Aakash coaching centre, our teachers ensure that each new concept is explained using easy examples. In addition, we provide precise and relevant study material for the NEET exam. We also provide free video lectures to help learning simpler and easier for students. 

NEET Exam Preparation In Naroda/Nikol for Class 11th Students

The TY-Two Year Integrated Classroom Course for NEET -After Board and TY-Two Year Integrated Classroom Course for NEET is for class 11th. The batches for this course will start from the second or third week of June 2022 and end by February 2024. Classes will be held 3-4 times on weekdays and two days on weekends. The course is divided into two sessions-

  • Session I- This session is for students of class 11. It will end on 4th February 2023 after revising the class 11 syllabus. 
  • Session II- This session will complete and revise the entire class 12th syllabus and complete it until October 2023. 

Program Objective:

  • Providing regular AIATS, special test series, iTutor Lab Facility, and model test papers and assignments based on the NEET exam pattern.
  • Providing comprehensive study notes, covering the syllabus of Physics, Botany, Chemistry, and Zoology. 

NEET Exam Preparation in Naroda/Nikol for Class 12th Students

The course is suitable for students who have cleared their class 12th and want a quick revision before the NEET exam. This course will provide a regular test series of 15- plus tests following the NEET exam pattern to enable students to gauge their progress. The batches for this course will begin from anywhere between 26th March and 4th April 2022 and will end before the NEET 2022 exam.

Program Objective:

  • To help students quickly revise the important topics and strengthen their basics before the NEET exam.
  • To provide quick tips and tricks for solving questions quickly and efficiently. 

NEET 2021 Toppers From Aakash Institute 

  • Mrinal Kutteri (AIR 1) NEET-UG (Classroom Programme)
  • Tanmay Gupta (AIR 1) NEET-UG (Classroom Programme)
  • Karthika G Nair (AIR 1) NEET-UG (Classroom Programme)

Frequently Asked Questions about NEET Coaching Centres in Naroda/Nikol

Ques-1 Is there a course for class 11th students in Aakash coaching centre Naroda/Nikol?

Aakash coaching centre provides its Two-Year Integrated Classroom Course for class 11th students. This course will begin from the 2nd/3rd week of June and will get over by February 2024. The classes will be held for 3-4 hours on weekdays for 3-4 days and 6 hours on weekends. 

The course highlights include-

  • Conducting a series of regular tests, including the fortnightly tests, Subjective exams, Term exams, AIATS, and term tests for class 11.
  • Providing home assignments, test series online, and model test sheets. 

Ques-2 Why is Aakash coaching centre a good choice for NEET coaching in Naroda/Nikol? 

Aakash coaching centre helps NEET aspirants prepare for their school exams and competitive exams using its classroom courses. The main benefits of joining Aakash coaching centre include-

  • Providing a comprehensive teaching method.
  • Employing efficient teaching aids to make learning beneficial and interesting.
  • Our faculty of highly-trained teachers conduct regular lectures and doubt-clearance sessions to boost productivity.
  • We also provide home assignments, access to online lectures, and printed notes and study material. 

Ques-3 How does the Aakash Distance Learning program for NEET aspirants from Naroda/Nikol work?

Our DLP or Distance Learning Program is designed for students who want to optimise their time and learn from home. The features of Aakash DLP are-

  • Interactive study sessions.
  • Regular doubt-removal sessions.
  • Relevant study notes.
  • Dashboard feature allows students access to lectures, submissions, tests, etc. 



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