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Aakash NEET Coaching In Bharatpur

Aakash Centre is a well-known coaching institute in India specialising in NEET preparation and has a terrific track record of producing excellent exams. For over 31 years, Aakash Medical has nurtured students' dreams of becoming doctors with its excellent teaching method. Every year, our students come in the first place and achieve outstanding results in medical entrance exams such as NEET, AIIMS, and JIPMER. 

Our students have received All India Rank 1 in various medical entrance exams for the past six years. Aakash Institute started as a single centre with only 12 students. India 

NEET Courses Offered By Aakash Institute In Bharatpur

Different modules are available depending on the needs of the students. Currently, the institute provides six modules in the classroom programme to assist children in passing the examination and meeting the students' needs. In addition, there are four classroom programmes and two distance learning programmes available.

Students determined to study medicine can enrol in a four-year programme that begins after Class 8. This will give students plenty of time to prepare for NEET. Besides, they will also have plenty of time to create a firm foundation from the start. In addition, numerous concepts and how they are applied will get cleared, which will help them stay ahead of the competition.

Students can check the following table to know more about Aakash NEET courses.





Teaching Hours / Day

Admission mode

Regular Course For NEET

1 Year

XII Studying / Passed Students

4-5 Hours

Direct Admission And ACST

Two Years Integrated Course For NEET

Two years

XI Passed / XII Appearing

3-4 (Weekdays)

6 (Weekends)

Direct Admission And ACST

One-Year Medical Course For NEET And AIIMS

One Year

XI and XII

3-4 (Weekdays)

6 (Weekends)

Direct Admission And ACST

Crash Course For NEET

Students can enrol two days after board exams, and the course ends two days before NEET

XII And Above

6 Hours

Direct Admission

Two Years Comprehensive Study Package (CSP) For NEET

Two years



Direct admission

Benefits of Joining Aakash Coaching Centres in Bharatpur for NEET Coaching

Aakash Institute gives students a step-by-step/level-by-level learning tool for each subject, ensuring that they progress from concept to application and analytical learning.

  • Question Banks: At Aakash, we provide a variety of question banks for specific exams to ensure that students receive adequate practice and that no detail is overlooked.
  • Updated Study Materials: The cost of updated materials is covered by coaching fees. Students are primarily concerned with the study materials provided by Classes. It is comprehensive and up to date with current trends in the examination.
  • iTutor: Technology-Based Education Students are provided with a comprehensive educational solution that combines the best of classroom instruction, self-study, and a distraction-free learning environment for all age groups.
  • Doubt Session: If a student does not understand a course section, they can receive extra assistance from subject teachers in doubt clearing sessions to compensate and understand the missed topics.
  • Assessment: The testing methodology is based on years of experience and current with the most recent examination patterns. Students can compare their level of preparation and performance to that of thousands of other students across the country using a centralised testing method.
  • Grievance Cell: Grievances from students are handled professionally by dedicated grievance management services.
  • Back-up Sessions And Workshops: Extra classes are scheduled for average students or those who miss regular courses due to valid reasons that have been approved in advance. Additionally, workshops are available at the NTSE, KVPY, JSTS, National and International Olympiads.
  • Well-Organised Learning Platform: All necessary information, such as results, date sheets, patterns, and eligibility criteria for participating in NEET, is available well in advance.
  • Motivational Lecture: The respected Chairman of the Institute personally conducts Motivational Classes to stimulate students and boost morale to achieve better results, focusing on character development.

Course Description For 2-Years Medical Classroom Course For Class 11 Students At Aakash Institute Bharatpur

Candidates registered in the Aakash coaching centre in Bharatpur can study for both board and NEET Exams imultaneously. The course is divided into two parts: 





Class 11


Two-Year Integrated Classroom Course

  • Fortnightly Tests
  • Term Exams
  • Subjective Tests
  • 3 days a week for weekdays
  • 2 days a week for weekends

Class 12 (Session-2)

OY-XII cum Medical Course

  • Fortnightly Tests
  • Term Exams
  • Subjective Tests
  • 3-4 days a week for weekdays
  • 2 days a week for weekends


Course Description For 1-Year Medical Classroom Course For Class 12 Students At Aakash Institute Bharatpur

Applicants can study for board exams and a one-year medical classroom programme simultaneously. The details of the one-year medical classroom course are as follows:

  • Candidates will learn everything about NEET in this course.
  • This course runs 3-4 days per week and two days on weekends.
  • Candidates will finish the course by October 2022 and revise it in November 2022.
  • They will complete regular evaluations to prepare for the significant examination. 

NEET 2021 Toppers From Aakash Institute 

Many students strive to ace their medical school entrance examinations. We are pleased to say that the Aakash Coaching Centre has generated outstanding students who have achieved their goals as a result of our services.

  • Mrinal Kutteri: AIR 1 (Classroom Student)
  • Tanmay Gupta: AIR 1 (Classroom Student)
  • Karthika G Nair: AIR 1 (Classroom Student)
  • Jashan Chabra: AIR 5(Classroom Student)

Frequently Asked Questions about NEET Coaching Centres in Bharatpur

Q1. What documents do I need during my NEET Course admission to Aakash Coaching Centre, Bharatpur?

Ans- Students applying for the NEET course should include the following documents with their Admission Form:

  • Four colour passport photos
  • Self-attested photocopy of the most recent school/board exam mark sheet (A certified English translation should be included in the mark sheet if written in a language other than English or Hindi.)
  • A photocopy of the course fee
  • Scholarship Proof for Other Groups, such as SC/ST, Siblings, Single Parents/Divorcees
  • Any additional evidence that you are eligible for a scholarship

Q2. How many Aakashians qualified for NEET 2021?

Ans: 63564 Aakashians qualified for NEET 2021, of which 49296 were classroom students and the rest 14268 were enrolled in distance & digital learning programs.

Q3. What is the frequency of tests conducted at Bharatpur for NEET preparations?

We follow a weekly test series. The regular tests help students in knowing their weak areas. Tests also provide a scope of improvement. In addition, students also improve their time management skills by taking regular tests.




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