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JEE Coaching Centres In Sirohi

The Joint Entrance examination (JEE) is an important entrance test for every student who wishes to get an engineering degree from top institutions, such as IITs and NITs. JEE examination is held in two parts - JEE Main and JEE Advanced. Students passing the JEE Main get a chance to sit for JEE Advanced.

Every year, many students enrol in the coaching centres to get proper guidance to answer the complex questions asked in the JEE examination. One such trusted coaching centre is Aakash Coaching Centre. 

Aakash Coaching Centre trains the students with the right methodology and individual attention to each student. Today, it has over 250,000 students enrolled for JEE, Foundation Level Examinations (Class X and XII), NEET, and other competitive examinations. 

JEE Main and Advanced Coaching Centres In Sirohi

Sirohi has many coaching centres in its vicinity that provide competent preparation for JEE Main and JEE Advanced. However, the one coaching centre with the highest success rate is the Aakash Coaching Centre Sirohi. The faculty at the Aakash Coaching Centre Sirohi curate learning resources based on the curriculum and question pattern. They help every student achieve their objectives and get the desired AIR.  

JEE Courses Offered by Aakash Institute In Sirohi 

  • Regular Classroom Course - This course is for students studying in classes IX, X, XI, and XII. It aims to provide foundation level preparation for JEE 2022 and familiarise the students with the core concepts. Besides, term exams, NTSE test series, AIATS, Olympiad pattern tests, and fortnightly subjective tests are conducted in this course to check students’ learning. Depending on the time they can permit for JEE preparation, students can enrol for four years, three years, two years, or one-year regular classroom course. 
  • Crash Course - The crash course is designed for class XII and Class XII pass-outs for last-minute preparation for JEE. The duration of this crash course is six months. During this time, the faculty recaps the essential concepts and conduct thorough revision sessions to analyse the preparation of every candidate. Furthermore, the teachers emphasise important chapters and difficult topics to help students compete with other aspirants effectively. 
  • Repeater Course - This course is applicable for all Class XII passouts, reappearing, and dropout students. In this course, emphasis is placed on evaluating past mistakes and making the most out of the strengths. The authorities take the fortnightly tests to check the student’s progress. 

Benefits of Joining Aakash Coaching Centres in Sirohi For JEE Main And Advanced 

Advantages Of Joining Aakash Coaching Centre Sirohi

Students can select hybrid, online, or distance learning as per their interest.

The faculty imparts quality education and professional teaching to every student.

The authority takes frequent tests to help students understand their strengths and weaknesses and work on them. 

Study supplements, such as question banks, sample papers, recorded live online sessions, learning resources, and reference materials, are given to each student for an additional boost to the preparation. 

JEE Main 2022 important topics, questions, and solutions are discussed thoroughly. 

JEE Main And Advanced Coaching Centres Sirohi For Foundation Students Of Class VIII To X 

Aakash Coaching Centre in Sirohi helps brace up the JEE preparation for Foundation students of classes VIII to X. At Aakash, candidates can register for the following integrated classroom courses to get quality preparation for JEE Main and Advanced.

  • Four-Year Integrated Classroom Course for JEE - Main & Advanced
  • Three-Year Integrated Classroom Course for JEE - Main & Advanced
  • Two-Year Integrated Classroom Course for JEE - Main & Advanced
  • One-Year Integrated Classroom Course for JEE - Main & Advanced

Course Description For Two-Years Engineering Classroom Course For Class XI Students At Aakash Institute Sirohi 

Students willing to start their preparation for JEE Main examination along with the Class XI examination can enrol for the TY-First Step Integrated Classroom Course for JEE (Main and Advanced) in their nearest Aakash Institute centre. The following are the course description for this course. 

Course Frequency

Class Timings


  • 3-4 days a week on weekdays
  • 2 days a week on Saturday & Sunday
  • Weekdays 3-4 days for 3-4hrs 
  • Weekends Saturday & Sunday for 6 hrs per day
  • All India Aakash Test Series (AIATS
  • Success Magnet Test Series (SMTS) 
  • Success Achiever Question Bank
  • Success Magnet Question Bank 
  • Archive for JEE (Main) 
  • Archive for JEE (Advanced)
  • 1000 Mathematical Problems
  • Model Test Papers
  • Home Assignments 
  • Online Test Series 
  • iTutor Lab Facility 
  • Free of cost Test Series 

Course Description For One-Year Engineering Classroom Course For Class XII Students At Aakash Institute Sirohi 

The details for OY-Second Step Integrated Classroom Course for Class XII candidates at Aakash Institute Sirohi are as follows:

  • In this course, students can cover all the JEE Main and Advanced topics by October 2022 and begin the revision by November 2022.
  • The faculty imparts different strategies and study resources to help students prepare effectively. 
  • Question banks are also given to each student to help them get familiar with the essential topics likely to come in the examination.
  • All the topics are revised thoroughly in one year. 
  • Archive papers, reference books, sample papers, and question booklets are provided to enhance the preparation of every Aakashian.

JEE 2021 Toppers From Aakash Institute 

  • Sreehari C - AIR 115 (JEE Main) (2-Year Classroom Course) 
  • Pravar Kataria - AIR 3 (JEE Main) (3-Year Foundation Course)
  • Anmol Arichwal - AIR 58 (JEE Advanced) (2-Year Foundation Course)

Frequently Asked Questions About JEE Coaching Centres In Sirohi

Ques. Why should I choose Aakash Coaching Centre Sirohi for CUET preparation?
Ans. Aakash Coaching Centre Sirohi provides incredible educational services for CUET preparation. The following are the benefits of choosing the Aakash Coaching Centre for CUET preparation. 

  • You can clear your doubts from India’s leading experts.
  • You can sit for mock tests and evaluate your performance.
  • You can solve CUET based questions to boost your preparation. 

Ques. Are video lessons provided for the JEE preparation at the Aakash Coaching Centre Sirohi?
Ans. Yes, video lessons are provided for JEE preparation at the Aakash Coaching Centre Sirohi. Students who apply for the online JEE course can watch the lecture, download it and access it 24*7. Besides, they can replay the video lectures as many times as possible to clear their doubts. 

Ques. Who can take the repeater course for JEE preparation at the Aakash Coaching Centre Sirohi?
Ans. The repeater course is mainly for students who wish to appear for JEE and crack the examination with a good AIR. The candidates eligible for applying for the course are as follows:

  • Candidates who appeared but did not pass JEE.
  • Qualified candidates who want to reappear for JEE to get a better AIR.
  • Candidates planning to sit for JEE for the first time. 

Ques. Does Aakash Coaching Centre Sirohi provide JEE Main and Advanced courses?
Ans. Yes, Aakash Coaching Centre Sirohi provides different JEE Main and Advanced courses. The following are the courses that the candidates can choose for the upcoming JEE Main and JEE Advanced 2022 Registration.

  • Four Year, Three Year, Two Year, One Year Regular Integrated Classroom Course (JEE Main and Advanced)
  • Crash Course (JEE Main and Advanced)
  • Repeaters Course (JEE Main and Advanced)

Ques. Can I apply for a hybrid course at the Aakash Coaching Centre Sirohi for JEE preparation? 
Ans. Yes, you can apply for a hybrid course at the Aakash Coaching Centre Sirohi for JEE preparation. With the Aakash Hybrid course, you can prepare for JEE both in a classroom and online setting and simultaneously get the benefits of class notes and recorded video lectures.

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