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JEE Coaching Centres in Panvel

NTA conducts JEE Main through a computer-based online method. Every student who aims at pursuing a career in the engineering and technology sector takes this common entrance test to get admission to the best engineering colleges in India. 

According to the official JEE Main 2022 Notification, JEE Main 2022 will be taken in two phases. The following table provides a brief of both the phases:


JEE Main (Phase-1)

JEE Main (Phase-2)

JEE Main 2022 Application Form

1 March to 31 March 2022

8 April to 3 May 2022

JEE Main 2022 Exam Dates

20 to 29 June 2022

21 to 30 July 2022

JEE Main and Advanced Coaching Centres in Panvel

Aspirants need to qualify for JEE with good scores to get admission to the top-ranked engineering institutions. Although class 11 and 12 syllabi are similar to JEE, students need proper guidance for setting up a preparation strategy. The JEE coaching centres in Panvel offer guidance from professionally qualified faculty members who help students understand the concepts and improve their ability to solve problems with regular practice.

JEE Courses Offered by Aakash Institute in Panvel

  • Classroom courses: These consist of regular on-campus classes for which students need to visit the coaching centre according to their course schedule. Students receive well-drafted study materials from the centre that help them continue with a planned strategic preparation. 
  • Digital courses: Through the digital courses, students can prepare for JEE, NTSE, Olympiads, etc., from the comfort of their homes. These courses offer live online classes where students learn from the best faculty members who provide interactive classes to keep aspirants engaged. At the end of each session, students get sufficient time to ask their doubts about the taught chapter.
  • Distance learning programme: To provide efficient preparation for students who can not join either classroom or digital courses, Aakash offers distance learning programs. Students receive a package of essential study materials to prepare for competitive exams in these courses. In DLP, students can choose a centre to take AIATS at their convenience. 

Benefits of Joining Aakash Coaching Centres in Panvel for JEE Main and Advanced

  • Students prepare under the guidance of highly qualified and experienced faculty members.
  • Students learn the basic concepts of each topic with complete clarity.
  • Discussion sessions are conducted after each lecture to clarify students' doubts.
  • Weekly tests are conducted to evaluate students' knowledge regularly.
  • A limited number of students are admitted to each course so that teachers can give proper attention to each student.

JEE Main and Advanced Coaching Centres in Panvel for Foundation Students of Class 9 to 10

Students who start early preparation for JEE stand a great chance to qualify for JEE with good AIR. For this, Aakash offers foundation courses to prepare students of classes 9 and 10 for the highly competitive engineering entrance exams. This course simultaneously prepares students for board exams, Olympiad, NTSE, and JEE. Aakash offers the following courses to foundation year students:

  • Four-year Integrated classroom course for classes 9 to 12, JEE (Main and Advanced), Olympiad, and NTSE.
  • Three-year Integrated classroom course for classes 10 to 12, JEE (Main and Advanced), Olympiad, and NTSE.

Course Description for 2-Years Engineering Classroom Course for Class 11 Students at Aakash Institute Panvel

This course offers admission to class 11 students. JEE aspirants can join the classroom course to complete the exam syllabus in two sessions. In this course, faculty members aim at early completion of the JEE syllabus so that students can take extra tests to improve their problem-solving and time management skills. 

Course Description for 1-Year Engineering Classroom Course for Class 12 Students at Aakash Institute Panvel

This is a crash course that prepares students of class 12 for JEE in a short time. The prime highlights of this course are:

  • Students don't need to buy any extra books because the Aakash coaching centre provides all the study materials required for preparation.
  • Students need to attend four classes a week.
  • Faculties give multiple tips to solve tricky questions in the exam quickly.

JEE 2021 Toppers From Aakash Institute

  • Anmol Arichwal - AIR 58 (JEE Advanced) (2-Year Foundation Course and 2-Year Integrated Course) 
  • Pravar Kataria - AIR 3 (JEE Main) (3-Year Foundation Course and 2-Year JEE (Main and Advanced) Course) 
  • Sreehari C - AIR 115 (JEE Main) (2-Year Classroom Course) 

Aakash Coaching Centers In Maharashtra

Center Name : Aakash Coaching Institute Panvel, Maharashtra
Center Address : 101 to 110, 1st Flr, Neelkanth Landmark, PN 365/1/2, Mumbai Pune Highway, Panvel- 410206
Phone No : +91-8800899198

Frequently Asked Questions about JEE Coaching Centres in Panvel

Ques. What benefits are joining the Aakash coaching centre in Panvel for JEE preparations?
Ans. We have a team of world-class faculty members who aim at providing excellence during JEE preparations. Under their guidance, you can learn all the challenging concepts and topics critical for qualifying for entrance and competitive exams with high grades. Our study materials are carefully drafted to ensure a strategic preparation. Having an experience of over 30 years provides us with an edge in understanding students' concerns and providing a healthy competitive environment to enhance performance.

Ques. How can students enrolled on digital courses cover the missed topics at Aakash Institute in Panvel?
Ans. Our digital courses are designed to help students prepare for competitive exams from a convenient location to them. These courses offer unmatched individual attention by allotted faculty members who stay in contact with students through emails, SMS, and phone calls for counselling sessions on academic topics. In addition, students who miss any live online lectures from the concerned faculty can easily access recorded videos to cover the topics taught in that particular class.

Ques. How do JEE aspirants benefit from the access to i-Tutor lab facility?
Ans. Our iTutor facility offers recorded video lectures, printed notes, e-books, and memory chips of all the topics covered in the JEE syllabus. With the help of the i-Tutor lab, aspirants can learn and revise the important chapters at their convenience without bothering about the lecture schedule. 

Ques. How can guardians keep track of their children's performance in online courses at Aakash Panvel?
Ans. We conduct online parents-teacher meetings to discuss the performance of our students on a timely basis. These meetings provide a transparent track record of students' performance and the sections where they need to improve. In addition, students who opt for the i-Tutor lab get a weekly message on the registered mobile number, which gives all the information about watched videos.

Ques. What are the benefits of joining the online tests series for CUET offered by Aakash institute?
Ans. The online CUET test series familiarises students with the actual environment of the exam. This test series consists of 14 part syllabus tests and 14 full syllabus tests. After taking the tests, students get access to complete solutions to each question for self-evaluation. These tests aim at improving time management and accuracy to solve problems.

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