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NEET Coaching Centre in Hodal

As per the NEET exam dates, released by NTA, the medical entrance exam will be held on July 17 2022. The National Eligibility Cum Entrance Test is India's most crucial entrance exam for undergraduate medical admissions. Around 15-20 lakh students register for it every year, but only a handful get selected. Qualifying for the NEET exam is very tough, but at the same time, it is necessary for candidates determined to pursue a career as a doctor to stay confident by preparing well for the exam. Considering this, Aakash Educational Services Limited brings the best platform for students to obtain their desired ranks in the NEET UG 2022.

NEET Coaching Centres in Hodal

With over 2.5 lakh students and 200+ coaching centres across India, AESL is set to expand the numbers by stepping into Haryana's Hodal. As the NEET 2022 registration date approaches, the competition heats up. Consequently, it is more essential than ever to get the right advice and training. At Aakash, we place a high value on the combination of world-class instruction and one-on-one guidance.

NEET Courses Offered by Aakash Institute in Hodal

Program Name

Suitable for

Four-year integrated classroom course

For students in grades 9-12, four years of classes are designed to help them develop problem-solving skills.

Three-year integrated classroom course

A three-year integrated classroom course for students in grades 10-12 is designed to help them prepare for both the NEET and their school board exams.

Two-year integrated classroom course

It is a two-year classroom course for NEET preparation that includes school and board exam preparation. Those studying in the XI grade are eligible to enrol in this course.

One-year integrated classroom course

This one-year medical course prepares students for NEET in the shortest amount of time.

One-year regular classroom course

This course is developed for students who have finished the 12th grade.

Benefits of Joining Aakash Coaching Centres in Hodal for NEET preparation

By joining Aakash, students get exposed to a unique and comprehensive teaching approach that results in in-depth study materials and stimulating classroom discussion. Each medical lecture is meticulously planned, adhering to the NEET syllabus, ensuring the material presented is of the standard quality and delivered within time. Aakash's mission includes assisting students in preparing for the NEET and the board exams. 

JEE Main and Advanced Coaching Centres Hodal for Foundation Students of Class VIII to X

Students in grades VIII through X who are preparing for the JEE Mains and Advanced exams can seek help from the Aakash Foundation Courses. Early preparation for the JEE is essential, especially if you are serious about taking the exam. These courses help improve upcoming engineers' analytical, critical thinking, and problem-solving abilities. Aakash Institute also provides a three-year JEE Main and JEE Advanced Coaching Program.

Course Description for Three/Four Years Medical Classroom Courses for Class IX and X Students at Aakash Institute Hodal

Three/Four Year Regular Classroom Courses for Medical Entrance Exam Preparation are designed for students currently in grades IX and X. They want to begin their preparation as soon as possible. These courses aim to help students prepare for the National Talent Search Examination (NTSE) and the Medical Entrance Examination (NEET) from an early age.

Program Highlights

  • They consist of three or four-weekday classes and two-weekend classes.
  • Students are given time off from school to take their final exams.
  • They will run from the third week of March in 2022 to the end of February in 2026 (the three-year program will end in 2025).

Course Description for One/Two Year Medical Classroom Courses for Class XI and XII Students at Aakash Institute Hodal

These programs are meant for those who are no more school students and are dedicated t becoming a doctor in future. Therefore, these program syllabi are formulated following the NEET exam pattern.

Program Highlights

  • In Year-l, the course will run until February 4, 2023. This is suitable for Class XI students. After going over the entire Class XI syllabus in this course, students are free to write their final exams.
  • These courses will return in the final or first week of March or April 2023 to complete the Class XII curriculum.
  • The Second Session in Class XII (Year 2) revisions will be from November 2023 to February 4, 2024. The completion of the Class XII syllabus is scheduled for October 2023. 
  • Students will be subjected to additional assessments in December 2023.
  • Classes for these courses are held for 3-4 hours during weekdays and 6 hours during weekends.

NEET 2021 Toppers From Aakash Institute

  • Mrinal Kutteri- AIR 1:Classroom
  • Tanmay Gupta- AIR 1: Classroom
  • Jashan Chabra- AIR 5: Classroom
  • Nikhar Bansal- AIR 5: Classroom

Aakash Coaching Centers In Haryana

Center Name : Aakash Coaching Institute Puhana, Haryana
Center Address : Savitri Devi Vidya Niketan School, Hodal Punhana Road, Gheera, Punhana, Hodal - 122508
Phone No : +91-8053190536

Frequently Asked Questions About NEET Coaching Centres In Hodal 

Ques. Does Aakash conduct online classes during a pandemic?
Ans. Students can learn at their own pace using Aakash iTutor, a web-based platform. Aakash iTutor helps the need for students to be concerned about lecture schedules or commit to a specific time frame for learning. Books in print and electronic formats and practise tests, and mock tests are available to students as resources. Students can participate in live, interactive classes on their own time using Aakash Live. 

Depending on their schedules, students can attend classes during the week or on weekends. You can take the classes on your desktop, laptop, tablet, or even your mobile phone if you have a stable internet connection. Classes are available in both English-speaking and non-English-speaking groups.

Ques. Is Aakash Coaching Institute sufficient for my NEET preparation?
Ans. The Aakash study material includes every possible problem type from a given topic. In general, the question format remains consistent. Therefore, nobody can prevent you from getting a good rank if you prepare with Aakash classes and notes and take regular practice tests.

Ques. How many students from Aakash qualified for NEET 2021?
Ans. Aakashians has once again set a new standard for performance excellence. Altogether 63564 Aakashians have qualified for NEET 2021. Last year's rankings include eight Aakashians in the top ten, 23 in the top 50, and 46 in the top 100.

Ques. What is the iACST exam?
Ans. The iACST exam is a scholarship exam conducted by the Aakash coaching centre. This exam is held for 35 minutes, and students of classes VIII to XII can register for the exam. Students can select any slot between 9 am to 7 pm to take the exam any day. 

Ques. What are the eligibility criteria for CUET undergraduate courses?
Ans. The candidates belonging to the General category need to attain a minimum of 50 per cent class 12th, and SC/ST candidates must get at least 45 per cent for SC/ST candidates. Chemistry, Physics, Mathematics, and Biology are compulsory subjects depending on the course for which a candidate is applying.

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