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Best Coaching Centers for NEET in Gurgaon

To have a successful medical career, students need to qualify and earn a respectable score in the NEET exam. The National Eligibility and Entrance Exam or NEET exam is a national level medical entrance exam for MBBS/DBS admissions in any reputed medical college throughout the country. The NEET exam is conducted by the NTA in offline mode once a year. Intense hard work and dedication are required to crack the exam. Therefore, to help these students, the Aakash Institute in Gurugram offers outstanding education and helps them to crack the NEET exam with exemplary results.


NEET Coaching Centres in Gurugram

With the increasing competition in the market and the approaching NEET exam, candidates are still striving to figure out the best strategies to succeed in the National Medical Entrance Exam. Today, Gurugram is home to some of the leading medical colleges in India, all of which has led to the establishment of a number of tutoring institutions for various medical and NEET exams and the Aakash Institute is one of them. At Aakash, we provide lectures, study materials and expert advice aimed at assisting all students in developing an effective preparation strategy.

Benefits of Joining Aakash Coaching Centres in Gurugram for NEET Coaching

At Aakash, we aim to channelise the candidates’ hard work and dedication in order to help them crack the NEET exam. Every year our students earn exemplary results and grab the top positions in the list of top AIR ranks. Here, we offer cutting-edge educational solutions that assist students to achieve their goals through integrated teaching and focused learning environments.

This year in 2021, 8 Aakashians made their places among the top 10 AIR, while 23 of them were in the top 50
and 46 of them were in the top 100 in the NEET exam.

NEET Courses Offered by Aakash Coaching Centres in Gurugram

  • NEET UG Classroom Courses – The NEET syllabus is thoroughly prepared in this course. This course offers proper strengthening regarding the NEET subjects.

  • NEET Crash Course – Doubt-clearing sessions, discussions and regular mock tests are important objectives of this course. Personalised attention helps the candidates to develop exam temperament and improve their ranks.

  • NEET Repeater Course – This is a scientifically designed course for those aspirants who are attempting for the NEET exam for the second time. It consists of facilities like iTutor, AIATS and NCERT problem solutions.

NEET Coaching Centres in Gurugram for Foundation Students of Class 9 to 10

3 classroom courses are available for class 9 students and 2 classroom courses are available for class 10 students. This is a specially designed 3 and 4-year integrated programme for the foundation students to prepare them for the +2 competitive exams from an early age.

Program Objective:

  • Enough exposure for the preparation of the exams
  • Provide complete assistance for your board exam
  • Strengthen learning skills
  • Advanced preparation for NEET

NEET Coaching Centres in Gurugram for Foundation Students of Class 11 to 12

This is a 1 and 2-year integrated programme for those aspiring students who want to prepare well for their NEET and board exams simultaneously. The NEET-UG syllabus includes questions from both classes 11 and 12, with an equal number of questions from each. So, this course will boost their confidence to crack the NEET exam properly.

Program Objective:

  • Provide complete assistance for your 12th Boards
  • Entire completion of syllabus
  • Advanced problem-solving techniques will be taught

Course Description for 2-years Medical Classroom Course for Class 11 students at Aakash Institute Gurugram

This 2 sessions course prepares the students for their NEET and board exams within no time. The details of the sessions are as follows:

Session 1 (Class 11) Session 2 (Class 12)
  • Firstly, the class 11 syllabus will be completed.
  • From the last week of March or the first week of April 2023, the class 12 batch will be resumed.
  • The class 12 syllabus will be completed and then the class 11 syllabus will be thoroughly revised. From November 2023 to the end of December 2023, revisions will be completed.
  • In December 2023 to improve their abilities, extra mock tests will be given.

Course Description for 1-year Medical Classroom Course for Class 12 students at Aakash Institute Gurugram

This course aims to prepare the students for the NEET, class 12 exams and other competitive medical exams held throughout the year. The syllabus will be completed much ahead of the expected time to help the students in their revisions.

Program Objective:

  • Sufficient study material for Physics, Chemistry, Botany and Zoology
  • Entire completion of class12 and NEET syllabus
  • Last-minute grooving
  • Thorough preparation for NEET


Aakash Coaching Centress In Gurugram, (Haryana)

Center Name : Aakash Coaching Institute Gurugram
Center Address : No B35, 2nd Floor, Old DLF Colony, Sector 14, Gurugram - 122001
Phone No : +91-8800840109
Center Name : Aakash Coaching Institute Gurugram
Center Address : No NS 08, 3rd Floor, B Block, South City 2, Sector 49, Gurugram - 122018
Phone No : +91-8800845034

NEET 2021 Toppers from Aakash Institute

In 2021, the students who have wowed us by their NEET AIR ranks are:

  • Mrinal Kutteri – AIR 1 (2-year classroom course)
  • Tanmay Gupta – AIR 1 (2-year classroom course)
  • Karthika G Nair – AIR 1 (2-year classroom course)

Frequently asked questions about JEE Coaching Centres in Gurugram

Q1. What is the classroom structure in the Aakash coaching centres for NEET in Gurugram?
The classrooms of the coaching centres in Gurugram for NEET preparation are air-conditioned, clean and have a wooden wall structure that provides a healthy atmosphere for the studies of the students.

Q2. How will the foundation program of Aakash institute Gurugram help in gearing up the students for NEET?
The foundation course programme aids in the induction of a child’s thinking process by teaching him the fundamentals of concepts, allowing him to progress in all of his future undertakings.

Q3. How many students are there in each class of the coaching centres in Gurugram for NEET?
There are a maximum of 40 pupils in each class of the Gurugram coaching centres. When there are fewer people in a class, each student receives more attention. As a result, the students get trained effectively.


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