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UBSE Class 12th Syllabus 2023

Uttarakhand Board will release the syllabus for Class 12 for the academic year 2023 at their official website. Students appearing in Uttarakhand Board class 12 exams must check the syllabus for better preparations. UK Board 12th Syllabus 2023 for Science, Commerce, and Arts streams will soon be available to download on the official website ubse.uk.gov.in. Provided below is the last year's syllabus for students to help them get an idea of the tentative 2023 syllabus. 

UBSE Class 12th History Syllabus 

Section Name


Archaeology & Ancient India

1. The Story of the First Cities:

Harappan Archaeology

2. Political and Economic History: How Inscriptions tell a story

3. Social Histories: Using Mahabharata

4. A History of Buddhism: Sanchi Stupa

Medieval India

5. Agrarian Relations: The Ain-i- Akbari

6. The Mughal Court: Reconstructing Histories through Chronicles

7. New Architecture: Hampi

8. Religious Histories: The Bhakti-Sufi


9. Medieval Society Through Travellers' Accounts

Modern India

10. Colonialism and-Rural Society: Evidence

from Official Reports

11. Representations of 1857

12. Colonialism

13. Indian Towns: Town Plans and Municipal Reports

14. Partition through Oral Sources 15. The Making of the Constitution

UBSE Class 12th Geography Syllabus 

Section name

Unit Name

Fundamentals of Human Geography

1. Human Geography

2. People

3. Human Activities

4. Transport, Communication & Trade

5. Human settlements

6. Map Work

India: People and Economy

7. People 5

8. Human Settlements

9. Resources and Development

10. Transport, Communication and International Trade

11. Geographical Perspective on selected issues and problems 4

12. Map Work

UBSE Class 12th Economics Syllabus

Section name

Unit Name

Introductory Microeconomics

1 Introduction

2. Consumer Equilibrium and Demand

3. Producer Behaviour and Supply

4. Forms of Market and Price Determination

5. Simple applications of Tools of demand and supply

Introductory Macroeconomics

6. National Income and Related Aggregates 15

7. Money and Banking 8

8. Determination of Income and Employment 12

9. Government Budget and the Economy 8

10. Balance of Payments

UBSE Class 12th Political Science Syllabus 

Section name

Unit Name

Contemporary World-Politics

1. Cold War Era in World Politics

2. Disintegration of the 'Second World' and the Collapse of Bipolarity

3. US Dominance in World Politics

4. Alternative centres of Economic and Political Power

5. South Asia in the Post-Cold War Era

6. International organisations in a unipolar world

7. Security in Contemporary World

8. Environment and Natural Resources

9. Globalisation and its Critics

Politics in India since independence

10. Nation-Building and its Problems

11. Era of One-Party Dominance

12. Politics of Planned Development

13. India’s External relations

14. Challenges to and Restoration of Congress System

15. Crisis of the Constitutional order

16. Regional aspirations and conflicts

17. Rise of New Social Movements

18. Recent Developments in Indian Politics

UBSE Class 12th Sociology Syllabus 

Section name

Unit Name

Indian Market Society

1. Introducing Indian Society Non-evaluative

2. Demographic Structure & Indian Society

3. Social Institutions-Continuity and change

4. Market as a Social Institution

5. Pattern of Social Inequality and Exclusion

6. Challenges of Cultural Diversity

7. Suggestions for Project Work

Change and Development in Indian Society

8. Structural Change

9. Cultural Change

10. The Story of Democracy

11. Change and Development in Rural Society

12. Change and Development in Industrial Society

13. Globalization and Social Change

14. Mass Media and Communications

15. Social Movements

UBSE Class 12th Mathematics Syllabus

Section Name

Important Topics

Relations and Functions

1. Relations and Functions

2. Inverse Trigonometric Functions


1. Matrices

2. Determinants


1. Continuity and Differentiability

2. Applications of Derivatives

3. Integrals

4. Applications of the Integrals

5. Differential Equations

Vector and Three Dimensional Geometry

1. Vectors 2. Three - dimensional Geometry

Linear Programming

1. Linear Programming


1. Probability

UBSE Class 12th Biology Syllabus 

Unit name



1. Reproduction in organisms

2. Human reproduction

3. Reproductive Health

Genetics and evolution

1. Mendelian inheritance

2. Chromosome theory of inheritance

3. Inheritance pattern

4. DNA and RNA

5. Gene expression and regulation.

6. Genome and Human Genome Project.

7. DNA fingerprinting.

8. Evolution

Biology and human Welfare

1. Basic concepts of immunology

2. Cancer and AIDS

3. Plant breeding

4. Microbes in household food processing

Biotechnology and its applications

1. Principles and Processes

2. Recombinant DNA technology

3. Genetically modified (GM) organisms 4. Biosafety issues.

Ecology and environment

1. Ecosystems

2. Organism and Population

3. Centres of diversity and conservation for biodiversity, Biosphere reserves, National parks, and sanctuaries

4. Environmental issues.

UBSE Class 12th FAQs

Q 1. When will the UK class 12 exam 2023 be held?
The UK board exams will be held as per the schedule which is yet to be released. Currently, the students are awaiting the UBSE Class 12 exam schedule.

Q 2.What will be the difficulty level of questions asked in the examination?
The questions asked are of Moderate level mostly. However, at times, some questions may be moderate to difficult.

Q 3. Are there any changes in the UK Board 12th syllabus 2023?
Students are expecting no changes in the syllabus, exam pattern, or anything for UBSE Class 12 Board exams 2023. If there are any, we shall update them here on the page.

Q 4. What are the passing marks for the UK Board class 12 exam?
The passing marks for UK Board class 12 are 33%. It is a must for candidates to score the minimum qualifying marks to be eligible to apply for higher education. In case, a students fails to pass the UBSE Class 12 exams, he/she will have to sit for the exams one more time. 

Q 5. What is the timing and duration of the Uttarakhand board class 12th examination?
 The UK Board class 12th examination will be conducted in the early morning from 10:00 AM - 01:00 PM & 10:00 AM - 12:00 & 12:30 depending upon the subject chosen by the candidate. The duration of the exam varies subject-wise. 

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