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NCERT Solutions for Class 11 English Woven Words Short Story Chapter 7:Glory At Twilight

Written by Bhabani Bhattacharya, the lesson narrates the story of Satyajit. The story deals with the theme of morality. Satyajit loses his wealth and wants to sell his meagre belongings to hide his financial condition.

The story begins with the protagonist of the story living and working in a bank in Kolkata as a clerk. One day at work, the protagonist catches a suspicious man trying to encash an unsigned check. When they investigate the check, it turns out to be a forgery. Satyajit is rewarded for his honesty and hard work. The bank authorities promote him to a higher position, and eventually, he becomes the Managing Director of the bank. His rapid professional success helps him amass a fortune. His fortune and luxurious life came to an end when the bank suffered a sudden collapse. He was unable to confess to his wife about this misfortune and, for the first time, compromised with his morality by lying to her.

When he received the news of his child's birth, he sold off his diamond ring to send money to his wife. Had he not done so, his wife would grow suspicious as she learned about his earlier life. When he received a wedding invite from his village Shantipur, a solution came to his mind. He made a plan to sell off his leftover assets in the village. When he reached the village, he was welcomed warmly by all the villagers. He finds the bridegroom demanding a hefty dowry at the wedding, so he impulsively decides to give his assets as the dowry. Through this sacrifice, he earns others' respect but once again becomes penniless, just as he was when he arrived in the village.


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