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NCERT Solutions for Class 11 English Woven Words Short Story Chapter 1:The Lament

Authored by Anton Chekov, the story is set in Russia. The story revolves around the character Iona who was a Russian cab driver. The story deals with the themes of grief and acceptance.

The main character Iona shared an affectionate relationship with his son. After his son's sudden death, his heart is filled with grief, just as any parent dealing with his child's loss. Iona arranges a funeral for his son and goes back to work after a week.

Every day he receives passengers on his horse-carriage, hoping to find a sympathetic passenger who will be patient and share the burden of his grief. The first passenger was a polite army man who listened to him politely as he shared his tragedy. The army man interrupts Iona and points out his reckless driving. Grief-stricken and discontent, Iona receives three intoxicated young men as his passenger soon after. They as well do not pay attention to Iona's story, much to the dismay of Iona.

The next passenger sympathetically tries to soothe Iona, but he ends up talking about his loss, leaving Iona dissatisfied once again. The next two passengers, a deliveryman and a cabman, as well do not pay attention to Iona's story, and the very distressed Iona decides to share his sadness with his horse instead. The horse silently listens to his story, almost in a way to console him and just lend an ear to listen without interrupting him or ignoring him. It is finally in the silent animal company, Iona finds a moment of peace, being able to share his misery and grief. The story reflects the self-involved side of society who are busy with their own lives and remain disconnected from the emotions of those around them.


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