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NCERT Solutions for Class 11 English Hornbill Snapshots Chapter 2:The Address

The short story written by Marga Minco is narrated by the protagonist, who is identified as the daughter of Mrs S in the story. The girl and her mother had escaped their home due to war, and post-war the girl returned to collect her mother's belongings which Mrs Dorling kept for safekeeping.

The story begins with her reaching the door of Mrs Dorling's house. Mrs Dorling refused to recognise her, and hence the protagonist doubted if she came to the correct address till she saw the woman wearing her mother's green knitted cardigan. The protagonist asked Mrs Dorling again, to which she responded, giving a sign of recognition. However, she refused to listen to the protagonist any further and made her leave her house's premises. The disappointed protagonist walked back to the station and recalled her mother telling her about Mrs Dorling taking valuable items from their home with the excuse of safekeeping.

The goodhearted mother of the protagonist accepted the excuse even though the protagonist refused to. Feeling nostalgic about her mother's memories, she decided to try again. When she reached the address for the second time, Mrs Dorling's daughter answered the door and allowed her to enter the house. Upon entering the house, she noticed her mother's Hanukkah candle-holder displayed near a mirror. She found herself horrified by the decorations and furnishings of the room. All the displayed objects belonged to her mother, and they were displayed with such distaste; it left her feeling distressed. Even though the objects were familiar to her, the surrounding felt unsettling and unfamiliar.

Mrs Dorling's daughter brought out cutlery and cups and plates, all of which were previously owned and used by the protagonist's mother. The memory of the objects which she considered as cherished belongings were left tarnished. The protagonist, feeling upset by this experience, decided to leave the house without claiming her belongings. On her way to the station, she resolved to forget the address.


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