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JEE Main 27 June Shift 1 Maths Question Paper Analysis

The National Testing Agency has concluded the Phase 1 paper of JEE Main 2022 for Day 5 on 27 June 2022. The JEE Mains paper for shift 1 was conducted from 9 AM to 12 PM. As per students' reactions, the JEE Main 2022 shift 1 Maths paper was considered to be of easy to moderate level. Students found the Maths section to be quite lengthy. However, the paper contained a few challenging questions. 

Here is the detailed JEE Main 2022 question paper analysis for shift 1 to help candidates check the answers they have written during their JEE Main Examination. These answer solutions will help the students to get an idea about how they have performed during the exam and analyse their scores/rankings. In addition, students can also get JEE Main 2022 question paper with solutions here. You can also go through the JEE Main 2022 answer keys provided by our highly skilled faculty as this can prove to be helpful for the students to prepare for the upcoming exams. 

Based on the reactions shared by students & experts, the Mathematics section of the paper was of moderate level. The paper contained questions from almost all chapters. Students who had gone through NCERT thoroughly found it easy to crack the exam. Some students also anticipated that there were many questions that involved calculations. There were almost 7 to 8 questions from calculus, not less than 6 questions from Algebra and 2 questions from Vectors and 3 Dimensional, and about 5 questions from Coordinate Geometry. All those students who did regular practice and solved a number of mock tests found the exam to be easy. 

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Important NTA JEE Main Exam Guidelines

1. No students will be allowed to enter the exam hall after the gate is closed.
2. No students will be allowed to leave the exam hall before the exam ends.
3. Carry your admit card to the exam hall, without which you will not be allowed to enter the exam hall or write the exam.
4. If your religion or customs require you to wear a specific attire, please ensure to be at the exam centre early for thorough checking.

Download PDF of JEE Main 2022 June 27 Shift 1 Math Paper & Solutions

Watch: JEE Main 2022 June 27th Morning Shift 1 Live Question Paper Solutions & Analysis

Disclaimer: JEE Main 2022 Question Paper with Solutions and Answer Key will be released by NTA on the official website. Stay Tuned for more updates

FAQS on JEE Main 2022 Question Paper Analysis

Q 1. If a candidate could not appear for JEE Main 27 June shift 1 Maths exam, will they get a chance to appear for session 2?
Answer: Yes, if a candidate has missed filling up the Application Form for Session 1, they can fill up the Application Form for Session 2. The registration for Session 2 is now ongoing and will be closed soon. So fill in your JEE Main application form at the earliest.

Q 2. Does a candidate have to appear in both the sessions of JEE Main 2022 to be qualifying for JEE Advanced?
It is the candidate’s choice. NTA has mentioned that a candidate need not appear in both Sessions. However, if a candidate appears in more than one session, then their best of the JEE Main 2022 scores will be considered for preparation of the Merit List.

Q 3. What are the items prohibited inside the JEE Main 2022 27 June Shift 1 Mathematics examination hall?
Electronic devices, mobile phones, earphones, microphones, calculators, log tables, tape recorders, and smartwatches are strictly prohibited inside the exam hall. Footwear with thick soles and garments with large buttons are not allowed inside the examination hall. Packed food items are not allowed in the examination centre. 

Q 4. Will rough sheets be provided inside the JEE Main examination hall for the 27 June shift 1 paper?
Each student will be provided a blank A4 size sheet in the exam hall to do rough work. As soon as you receive the rough sheet, write your name and Roll Number at the top. Students are not allowed to take the rough sheets along and need to submit the same before leaving the examination hall. 

Q 5. Do we have to give both shifts in JEE mains 2022?
In Jee mains, you will generally have 2 shifts one at 9:00 AM -12:00 pm and another at 3:00 pm - 6:00 pm. However, you can choose any one of two shifts according to your comfort while filling out the application form.



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