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Line Graph


A graph is plotted using several lines, pictures, and data. They were made by various persons, like Francis Hauksbee, William Playfair, Nicolaus Samuel Cruquius, and Johann Heinrich Lambert. Data is the most crucial feature in plotting a graph. Various graphs include line graphs, pie charts, scatter charts, bar graphs, etc. A line graph is a pictorial representation to show changes happening over time.

We need data of both x and y axes to construct a line graph. The horizontal axis is known as the x-axis, and the vertical axis is known as the y-axis. The coordinates are (x,y), where x is the distance of a point from the x-axis and y is the distance of a point from the y-axis. Finally, the line is drawn joining the intersection points of these coordinates.

Features on a line graph

The above image shows a pictorial representation of a line graph. The line graph consists of data plotted on both x and y axes. Usually, we select a scale or range to plot these data on the axes. In the above image, Mon, Tues, Wed, Thurs, Fri, Sat, and Sun are represented on the x-axis. This means the chosen scale is proportional. On the y-axis, the scale chosen is 2, 4, 6, 8, and so on. The scale is also proportional as it is at a gap of 2 proportionally.

Then we need to plot a point that shows the data on this graph. For example, on day 6, pancakes were sold, and that day was Wed. So we need to plot a point on (Wed,6). Another day, we have sold eight pancakes, then the coordinates will become (Thurs,8). We need to point it on the graph. Draw the line joining these two points that make a line graph. If you have a piece of comprehensive information, similarly plot a line graph.

Reading a line graph

Firstly, we need to see the data that is presented on the graph. For example, if the data is of the temperature of a place, find which season temperature or degree it represents. Then see the scales of the graph. Finally, check whether the scale is proportional or not—located proportionally on both axes.

Then see the points or coordinates that it represents. For example, the slope of a line graph is helpful to find whether a graph is growing or falling. Finally, follow the patterns to find out whether the graph is an uptrend or downtrend.

Applications of line graphs

1. Line graphs are used to show trends over different points of time.

2. They show slight changes in trends that are beneficial for managers to understand how their company is performing.

3. Line graphs are used to compare more than two data and choose which one is performing better.

4. It is easy to plot and read. It covers almost all sectors whose data can be represented on it.

5. By looking at a line chart, one can figure out how the work is going in the organization. Whether the work is growing or not, anyone can figure it out.

6. It is helpful to find the best strategies that will give maximum profits to a task force.

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