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Centimetre to Inches Converter

Centimetre to Inches Converter

Centimeter: A centimeter or ‘cm’ is a unit that aids in measuring the lengths of the object around us. For our convenience, it is abbreviated as ‘cm’ and mainly helps in determining the sizes of small objects. For instance, our basic ruler that comes in a geometry box is a 15 cm ruler used for mathematical construction like triangles, squares, etc. We also see a 30 cm ruler in our daily lives.

A centimeter is defined as a value equivalent to the 100th of a meter, or in simple terms, 100 cm constitutes to become 1 meter.

1 Cm = 1/100 meters

The CGS or centimeter-gram-second system in mathematics and physics is based on the centimeter units. Some applications of Centimeter includes:

  • Measuring the lengths of different small items
  • Measuring the radius of tires for cars and toys
  • Creating Maps and house plans in engineering

Inches: In the ‘customary measurement system’ also known as the ‘English measurement system’ which is utilized to measure the height, weight, volume, and length of objects, ‘inches’ is defined as the customary unit for measurement of dimensions. Inches are shortened as ‘in’ or ‘inch’ or we can use the double inverted commas “, to represent this unit. Inches are used in our day-to-day life using an inch tape. Some of its applications involve:

  • Measuring the dimensions on wood to carve cupboards, chairs, tables, etc.
  • Human body measurement for stitching clothes
  • Utilized in measuring heights of people
  • For measuring the dimensions of a building

Relation Between Cm and Inches

There exists a very simple yet powerful relation between the two units of measurement, centimeter, and inches. This relationship states that 1 unit of an inch is equal to 2.54 units of a centimeter. From the equation, it is pretty much clear that 1 inch is greater than 1 centimeter. Let us find out the value of centimeters in terms of inches.

We know, 1 in = 2.54 cm, therefore 1 cm = 1 / 2.54 in. Dividing this relation, we get an approximate value of 0.3937. Therefore, 1 cm = 0.3937 in. Now that we know the relationship and the converse of the relation, we can easily convert the values from centimeters to inches and vice versa.


Let us convert 100 cm into inches.

We are aware that, 1cm = 0.3937 in, multiplying both sides with 100 we get,

100 cm = 0.3937 x 100 in = 39.37

Likewise let us convert 6 inches to centimeter

We know, 1 in = 2.54 cm, multiplying both the sides by 6 we find 6 in = 2.54 x 6 cm = 15.24 cm.

Real-life example: A ruler has two sides; one side is inscribed with the unit centimeter which ranges from 0 cm to 15 cm and the other side is the inch unit which ranges from 0 to 6 in. So, we can say that a small ruler is equal to 15 cm or roughly equal to 6 inches. Similarly, a 30 cm long ruler is 12 inches in size.

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