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RS Aggarwal Solutions for Class 6 Maths Chapter 23: Pictograph

Many students in class 6 struggle with chapter 23, which is about pictographs. The students do not clearly understand the chapter due to the concept of pictographs being slightly different. The best way to solve this issue is to practice, and once students begin practising the questions from this chapter, they will be able to quickly improve their skills and develop the confidence they currently lack.

Here the students will learn about pictographs, the properties of pictographs and how to make them. In pictographs, the data is represented by using different kinds of images. Each image used depicts a certain entity. It is easy to misinterpret a pictograph if we do not analyse it correctly. Hence, students need to analyse the pictograph with full concentration to avoid mistakes while dealing with the pictograph. There are various methods of representation through pictographs like bar graphs, line graphs, pie charts etc.

The chapter also teaches how we are supposed to make a pictograph for the given set of information. Making a pictograph involves several steps like collecting the data, picking up a symbol, assigning a key, drawing the pictograph, and reviewing the data. Various questions are based on these concepts.

Most students struggle during practice because they don't know the procedure to various questions in the textbook. This demotivates them and makes it difficult for them to continue practising. The only way to solve this problem is to use the RS Aggarwal solutions for class 6 maths chapter 23 as a reference. This will save the students from panicking and inspire them to learn more about the concept.


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Key features of Aakash RS Aggarwal Solutions for Class 6th Maths Chapter 23- Pictograph

  • The Aakash institution prepares comprehensive strategies for these questions with step-by-step explanations so that students can learn the necessary information about the chapter.
  • The solutions are prepared by a group of expert teachers who have worked in this area for many years.
  • The solution also allows students to cross-check their solution to determine whether they are making a mistake and how they can correct it.
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