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RD Sharma Solutions for Class 9 Maths Chapter 22:Tabular Representation of Statistical Data

Statistics is a very important topic in the world of counting things. RD Sharma Solutions for Class 9 Chapter 22 consists of questions, answers and formulas related to Statistics. The word 'statistics' can be used in both singular as well as its plural senses. When we mean singular, statistics can be defined as the science of collection, analysis and finding out of numerical data. In the plural sense, statistics mean numerical facts or observations. Those are collected with a definite purpose.

Statistical data can be divided into 2 types: Primary data and Secondary data

  • Primary data is data that has been collected for the first time. Sometimes it is defined as raw data.First, one person collects primary data. Then, it is researched directly from the main source.
  • Secondary data has already been gathered, and sometimes secondary data is collected by many people
  • But anyhow, primary data is more reliable than secondary data as it is collected directly from the source while the secondary data is already collected data.

This chapter deals with the process of representations of statistical data in a tabular form. The representation of data can be done in the following ways: Ascending, Descending and Alphabetical Order.

When the collected raw or primary data is kept in ascending or descending order for convenience, it is called an Arrayed data. One fun method that we will learn in this chapter is the use of tally marks. The tally marks are used to calculate frequency, and the number of times an incident occurs is called frequency.


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