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RD Sharma Solutions for Class 8 Maths Chapter 26:Mensuration-I (Area of Trapezium and a Polygon)

The chapter covers the basic ideas of probability and chance. Probability is a metric for determining the chance of an event occurring. Many things are impossible to anticipate with 100% confidence. Using the concepts taught in the chapter, we can only forecast the probability of an event occurring, i.e., how probable it is to occur. Probability can range from 0 to 1, with 0 indicating an improbable event and 1 indicating a certain event. Probability for Class 8 is an essential topic for students since it teaches all of the fundamental principles.

The chapter discusses the important terms related to the chapter to ensure that the students are accustomed to terminology. Events are defined as the experiments done, and outcomes are the results that are obtained. The favourable outcomes are the outcomes that satisfy the condition whose probability is being calculated.

According to the probability formula, the likelihood of an event occurring is equivalent to the ratio of the number of successful results to the total number of possibilities. The likelihood that an event will occur P(E) = the number of favourable outcomes / the total number of outcomes.

Students frequently confuse the terms "favourable outcome" with "preferred outcome." This is the fundamental formula. However, there are also more formulae for certain situations or occurrences.

The Maths Chapter 26 Data Handling- IV (Probability) deals with the concept of the event, individual event, multiple events, the negation of an event, favourable event and theoretical probability.

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