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RD Sharma Solutions for Class 8 Maths Chapter 20: Mensuration-I (Area of Trapezium and a Polygon)

The chapter deals with the area of a general quadrilateral, area of polygon, area of a rhombus, area of a trapezium, the concept of surface area, volume, and capacity, mensuration, plane figures, and the surface area of figures made by multiple polygons. The chapter focuses on assessing how well the student has learned to apply the formulae.

The students are taught about the area of trapeziums by simply substituting the values of the variables in the formula in the introductory questions. They would need to construct an equation to determine the unknown amount mentioned in the questions. The chapter requires the students to focus on understanding the formulae to solve these problems by formulating the correct equations.

To visualise the issue, the students need to concentrate on turning the suggestions into a geometric form. It will make it much easier for the students to visualise the problem. Drawing figures for geometric issues, according to experts, solves 50% of the difficulties. The exercise in the chapter contains questions about quadrilaterals and polygons. The geometric figures, in this case, may or may not be regular. Therefore, the students need to concentrate on utilising the essential formulae they have learned previously as well as in this chapter. The formulas used to compute triangular areas will be utilised in the majority of the polygon-related problems. The questions in the exercise will help the students remember all the formulae they've studied about the areas of various triangles, rhombuses, and parallelograms.

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