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RD Sharma Solutions for Class 8 Maths Chapter 19: Visualising shapes

The chapter covers the concepts of the polyhedron, the concept of the prism, the concept of the pyramid, Euler's formula, faces, edges and vertices, mapping space around us, nets for building 3-d shapes- cubes, cuboids, cylinders, cones, pyramid, and prism, plane figures, and solid shapes, different sections of solid. Many forms of top and bottom views are presented throughout the chapter. Two matching perspectives are provided for each of the given solids.

Thus, three viewpoints – top view, front view, and side view – are presented in the textbook. The chapter helps the students visualise the shapes, which is important for them before they start to learn deeply about them.

A hexagonal block, a cube, and dice are among the shapes available. The given shapes are broken down into simple 2D figures and then understood. The chapter also includes questions on Euler's formula, which gives a relationship between the edges, vertices and the faces of a 3D figure.

The Maths chapter 19 Visualising Shapes explains that 2D shapes are plane shapes with two measurements: length and breadth. These 2D shapes make up the 3D shapes that are solid shapes with three measurements, namely length, breadth, and height or depth. A 3-dimensional object looks different from different positions. The line segments where the faces meet are called edges. The edge that meets at specific points is called the vertex.

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