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Lakhmir Singh Solutions for class 9 chemistry Chapter 2: Is Matter Around Us Pure?

This chapter, "Is Matter Around Us Pure?" tells the students about the matter and its characteristics and how the purity of matter is defined. A mixture includes more than one element or compound. These can be combined in any proportion to form a mixture. There are various techniques to separate the mixture and to convert it to a pure substance. Techniques used to separate mixtures are threshing, handpicking (use hand to separate mixture), evaporation, distillation, and many more. The term solution is defined as a homogeneous mixture. It can comprise two or more two components (elements, alloys or compounds). The solution's major component is known as the solvent. The component having lesser concentration is the solute. Therefore, it is possible to have one or more than one solute in the solution.

The solution's concentration can be defined as the concentration, the amount or the volume of the solute present per unit mass or volume of either the solution or solvent. A suspension is defined as a heterogeneous mixture where some solute particles settle down on standing for some time. Thus the solid particles become insoluble in the solution and can be seen by our naked eye. Colloids are formed by heterogeneous particles, where the particle's size measures to a certain dimension and are microscopic and cannot be seen through our naked eye. Due to the small size of the colloids, it has vast industrial uses.

You can easily understand by now that the properties of the compound and its constituent elements are different. And you know by now the properties of constituent elements or compounds are shown by the mixture.


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Key Features of Aakash Lakhmir Singh Solutions Of Class 9 Chemistry Chapter 2 - "Is Matter Around Us Is Pure?"

  • The importance of this chapter to the students is in measuring the purity of matter. The Aakash Lakhmir Singh Solutions provide the perfect solutions with relevance to the present time and give you the perfect answers to the questions.
  • The Lakhmir Singh solutions are prepared by experts who have extensive experience in the field of teaching.
  • The Lakhmir Singh Solutions by Aakash provides answers to probable exam questions, making it easy to obtain marks
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