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Lakhmir Singh Solutions Class 8 Science Chapter 2: Microorganism Friend and Foe

Microorganisms are defined as too small organisms to be seen by naked eyes, and the microscope is used to visualise and investigate their world. The entire chapter deals with the concept of microorganism's double-sided faces representing both the friendly and the enemy side. The chapter, "Microorganism Friend And Foe", gives an overview of the countless ways some elements in the microscopic world are beneficial for us and some others who cause dangerous health disorders. Thus, the students can have in-depth knowledge of this ubiquitous microworld, which helps maintain a balance in the ecosystem.

The chapter describes the microorganisms' unique habitat areas, which broadly divided into five major groups-:

  • Bacteria
  • Protista
  • Fungi
  • Algae
  • Viruses

The chapter's centre of attraction is the section on various fatal or non-fatal diseases caused by different genera of microorganisms having individual genus-species and briefly discussed the communicable pathway through the air, water, and insects. It further highlights epidemic diseases like tuberculosis, malaria, cholera, etc., which negatively impact human lives. Finally, the chapter focuses on preventive measures, and majorly vaccination used to prevent lethal diseases.

The chapter teaches the students to acquire knowledge of the positive effect of microorganisms on our daily needs, strengthening our minds to focus more on the positive side. Students also learn the importance and implication of microorganisms in the commercial and medical domain with a slight mention in agricultural activities. Some significant uses of microorganisms are:

  • They are used in the production of antibiotics
  • They are used in vaccine making
  • They are essential in the production of bread, cakes
  • They help in cleaning up the environment

Students learn about the basic components used as a food preservative, like preserving salt and sugar to ward off food poisoning. The chapter further explains the interaction of microorganisms with an environment. This is crucial in the nitrogen, carbon, and oxygen cycle, which forms a distinct area of microorganisms that act as a primary producer.




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Key features of Aakash Lakhmir Singh Solution Class 8th Science Chapter 2 – Microorganism friend and foe:

  • Lakhmir Singh Science Solution of chapter 2 consists of questions in the right format that make students grasp the topics in this particular section.
  • Aakash institute's solutions consist of all the concepts and theories explained briefly with real-life examples that help students brush their knowledge.
  • Lakhmir Singh solutions also comprise MCQ format questions that give students a perfect insight into these questions and clear all the doubts concerning this chapter.
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