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Lakhmir Singh Solutions Physics Class 10

As the students step up from class 9th to 10th, the atmosphere around them changes completely. The feeling of being promoted to a board class excites the students and makes them feel mature, on the one hand. On the other hand, it brings many tension, questions, and stress to young minds. The plethora of parental and social expectations surround them from the first day. This is one of the most important periods of a student's life when they require additional support and motivation.

Consequently, they feel more anonymous, lost, and confused. Bundles of books, timetables, tests, practice sheets, practicals, etc., make them puzzled. In that situation, they find it confusing to decide among many books, samples, and guides. Due to the availability of excess study material, it becomes a stubborn task to choose the right one.

Class 10th is the 'Make it or break it' time for students. Scoring well in your 10th boards doesn't guarantee you a decent job, yet it is still such a hype that students should score high. This is due to social and peer pressure. They need to preserve their self-esteem and prove themselves in front of everyone by scoring well. The Aakash institute becomes the pillar for the students in this crucial time. We help to make this roller coaster journey of the student as easy as possible. Moreover, study material and guidance provided by us build self-confidence and strength in the students. It is designed to make every topic crystal clear in the minds of our young readers.

Science is a practical, analytical and yet theory-based subject. When it comes to physics, numerical and conceptual questions hold equal weightage. Therefore, in-depth knowledge of every topic is essential to score decent marks in this subject. The Lakhmir Singh Solutions Physics for Class 10 th can be rightly called the best reference book to students who wish to come out with flying colours. This book consists of six chapters that involve understanding the day-to- day phenomenon of physical concepts around us. The topics range extensively from environmental physics to the physics of domestic circuits. The demonstrations, experiments, and examples provided in this book make the concept easy for the students. One of the key features of this book is the pattern that tests the students' learning abilities. After reading the text, the students are exposed to several questions, including very short (true/false and fill in the blanks), short and long answer type questions. The multiple-choice questions based on theory and High Order Thinking Skills (HOTS) tend to sharply strengthen the concepts. In addition to this, the Multiple Choice Questions based on Practical skills test the students' practical understanding of the subject and their implementation in real life. Answers to Lakhmir Singh Physics questions, exercises, and value-based questions are included in the Lakhmir Singh Solutions for Class 10 th Physics provided by the Aakash Institute. After using these solutions, students will start developing an interest in physics and strengthen the basic concepts for higher classes.

At Aakash Institute, we have provided Lakhmir Singh solutions for class 10 th to help students understand every concept thoroughly. The primary focus is to assist students in enhancing their knowledge. The solutions are prepared by keeping in mind the level of a 10 th class student and the uniqueness of the subject to them. Lakhmir Singh's solution for class 10 th is prepared by experts and senior faculty with years of experience. Each solution gives a stepwise explanation of the problem.

Furthermore, all the topics and sub-topics are clarified in detail. It also includes an in-depth analysis of questions that aims at clearing all possible doubts of the students. The study material is prepared after a thorough analysis of the current syllabus prescribed by the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) based on the new Continuous and Comprehensive Evaluation (CCE) pattern of school education. The material is designed in the hope that it can easily get along with the intellect of the students.

Aakash additionally provides free PDF solutions for Lakhmir Singh Class 10th Physics to simplify the students. We recommend downloading the PDF and then having a glance after studying the textbook. This will impart in-depth understanding and give clarity about every concept. The study material is easy to understand and written in simple language. At Aakash, we never compromise with the quality of material provided to our students. Our main aim is to enhance the understanding of our readers. The accessibility of our study material in online mode and PDF format makes sure that every student gets the equal opportunity to have this study material with them. This will promise to be fruitful for them from the exam point of view. Additionally, this could also help them to increase their interest in that subject. All this will ultimately help them to increase their overall score in board examinations.

Lakhmir Singh Solutions Physics Class 10 Chapters :


Chapter 1- Electricity

This chapter deals with the types of charges, the devices through which charge flows, namely, conductors and insulators, do not allow free-flow charges. In addition to this, the students will also learn about electricity and its types and demonstrate how current flows through a circuit. Electric potential and potential differences are some new topics for the students. The concept of Ohm's law is included to develop the understanding of resistance and resistivity. The knowledge of electric circuit symbols and how to draw different types of circuit diagrams is useful for students even in higher classes. Connections of domestic circuits, series and parallel connections, their advantages and disadvantages, total resistance, etc., are also included in this chapter. Finally, the concept of electric power, power-voltage rating of various appliances, the relation between the commercial unit of energy and kilo-watt hour, and the heating effect of electric current is also studied. In addition to these topics, the corresponding real-life applications are also studied herein in this chapter.

Chapter 2- Magnetic Effect of Electric Current

This chapter begins with the basic introduction of magnets and their properties. The magnetic field lines are produced from the north pole and move towards the south pole. This creates a magnetic field around the magnet. Next, the students get to know about the concept of Electromagnetism, which describes the magnetic effect of electric current. In the same way, demonstrations are also included to help the students better understand this phenomenon and learn about the force acting on a current-carrying conductor placed in a magnetic field. Topics such as electromagnets and magnetism in the human body come under biophysics, and a subtle mention has been made of these advanced topics in the chapter. Fleming's left-hand rule, which is used to determine the direction of the induced current, is also explained in a very easy manner. Thereupon, this chapter concludes with generators and their two types - AC and DC generators, their working and construction, domestic electric circuits, earthing of electrical appliances, fuse, hazards of electricity and precautions in the use of electricity.

Chapter 3- Sources of Energy

This chapter throws some descriptive knowledge of energy, types of energy available in nature, and how it can be generated for human consumption. A good energy source has certain characteristics that make it more suitable for use in various aspects than others. The calorific value of fuel is one such characteristic. Conventional sources of energy include LPG, cow dung cakes, woods, and others. Fossil fuels like coal and petroleum are extracted from the earth. This takes millions of years to form. Their advantages, as well as disadvantages, will also be studied in this chapter. In addition to all these, students learn about various types of power plants, including thermal power plants, hydro-power plants, biogas plants, and much more. Besides the conventional power plants, energy can also be obtained from the sea in the form of tidal, wave, or ocean thermal energy. Geothermal energy, nuclear energy, nuclear bombs, and nuclear power plants are interesting topics that keep the students engaged. Further, students learn how various forms of energy create environmental consequences and how long these resources would last on the earth.

Chapter 4- Reflection of Light

In this chapter, students will get some understanding of the concept of light and its nature. Reflection of light and the laws related to light are also studied. Students will learn the formation of real and virtual images given by concave, convex, and plane mirrors, subject to the object's position at different locations. Further, this chapter includes topics such as curvature, the radius of curvature, focal length, and the principal axis of spherical mirrors. These are some parameters that help you understand this chapter, which will later help you solve the problems. An in-depth understanding of several rules for obtaining images formed by concave and convex mirrors, ray diagrams, and uses are also gathered. In the end, sign conventions, mirror formula, and linear magnification are taught by the chapter.

Chapter 5- Refraction of Light

This chapter focuses on the phenomenon of refraction and optical density. Students will get to understand the scientific reasons about the causes of the refraction of light when it passes from one medium to another. Certain examples in real life that depict refraction are - a stick that is partially immersed in water appears bent, a pool of water appears to be less deep, or an object placed underwater appears to be raised - this phenomenon occurs due to the refraction of light in nature. Further, the laws of refraction, refractive index, and speed of light in air and different media are also studied. In addition to this, various characteristics of lenses such as optical centre, principle axis, focal length, principal focus, etc., that are required for the formation of image different types of lenses when the object is placed at different locations is also studied. Sign conventions for special lenses, lens formula, magnification, and uses of concave and convex lenses and the power of lenses are the concluding topics of this chapter.

Chapter 6- The Human Eye and the colourful world

Vision is considered the greatest gift of nature, and the eyes are the doorway to that gift. This particular chapter is designed so that students could understand the basics of the human eye, its construction, and its working. The chapter has a brief description of the rods and cone cells and the functioning of the iris and pupil. The power of accommodation of the eye is defined as the ability to view nearby and far-off objects. The least distance of distinct vision of a healthy human eye is 25 cm, and the normal range of vision extends to infinity. Students learn about various defects of vision, including myopia, hypermetropia, presbyopia, and cataract. The chapter aims to clarify various questions that arise when you solve problems and other questions. The passing of light through a transparent and triangular prism to form a band of seven colours and its re- combination to give back white light is elaborated very well. The concept of dispersion in nature is explained by giving a real-life illustration of the twinkling of stars, advanced sunrise, and delayed sunsets. The scattering of light, which is responsible for the Tyndall effect, the blue colour of the sky, and the red colour of the sky at sunrise and sunset are also studied in this chapter.

FAQs for Lakhmir Singh Solutions Physics of class 10 th

Que.1. Why is Lakhmir Singh Solutions recommended for class 10 th Physics?
Lakhmir Singh is written as per the latest class 10 th syllabus prescribed by the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE). This is presented in a very straightforward manner and easy to understand language. This book is sure to impart confidence and a thorough understanding of the subjects in the students' minds. The flow of the chapter is very smooth and easy to follow. So, students can read this book to gain conceptual knowledge about the subject and score good results in class 10

Que.2. Is solving Lakhmir Singh solved and unsolved questions enough for the 10 th board's exams?
Lakhmir Singh for physics, chemistry and biology are the key books specifically designed for the class 10 students to help them score high in their board exams. They enhance the practical and conceptual knowledge of the students. The demonstrations, real-life examples, innovative ideas, and the methodology in which each concept is presented make it easy for them to strengthen their fundamentals. Moreover, it is widely known that practice makes a man perfect. On the whole, students are advised to solve all the given numerical problems to speed up their solving and thinking capability. The Aakash Institute provides the helping material to the students for practice. The solutions by the Aakash Institute lay the foundation of the subject and clear all possible doubts. Besides, the theory material is concise, crisp, and leaves no topic untouched.

Que.3. Where can I find Lakhmir Singh Solutions for class 10 th ?
The textbook is very common and is readily available in any bookshop. The solutions provided by the Aakash Institute free of cost, and you can find them on the official Aakash website. You can also download a chapter-wise or complete PDF of this book from the Aakash website.

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