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Lakhmir Singh Solutions Class 10 Biology Chapter 5 :Our Environment

Chapter five of the chapter 'Our Environment' is important as it educates the students about the environment around us. This chapter comprises the various components of our environment. It introduces the students to the important factors of the environment that affect our presence. All the concepts are explained in detail so that the learner has a good idea about the environment as an outcome. All the definitions are to the point and are explained to clear out any doubt that might arise in a student's mind while learning. It gives the student an idea about the environmental hazards of killing plants and animals and the causes of increasing pollution. It also gives aids on how the increasing pollution can be controlled. The student studies about the different environmental factors like:

  • Ecosystem
  • Food chain
  • Food web
  • Environmental hazards

The chapter gives a brief insight on how one animal eats another and, in return, gets eaten by a bigger animal itself which is the food chain, and when many food chains are joined together, it forms the food web. The chapter separately explains the concept of the transformation of energy. First, it teaches the principle of energy transformation in simple language. The solutions provided by the Aakash Institute for this chapter answer all the questions that can be constructed. This way of going through a chapter is an easy approach and versatile at the same time where the students learn the answers and learn about the topics in the most interesting way. It contains questions of different forms like short, long, very short. To make it interesting and captivate the students, publishers have involved multiple-choice questions, fill in blanks, and picture questions. Thus, the chapter is layered in a form where a student not only learns but also enjoys it.


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Key Features of Aakash Lakhmir Singh Solutions Of Class 10 Biology Chapter 5- Our Environment:

  • These Solutions of the chapter by the Aakash Institute answer all the questions accurately without diverting from the main topic.
  • It is easy for students to learn as the language is easy without any usage of tough styles.
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