Admission in NRI Courses

NRI courses are specially designed courseware that are available to NRI students only in the form of Aakash iTutor and Study Package version. These courses have the advantage of the expertise of Aakash and have been comprehensively designed so that a student does not face any problem in understanding the concepts. 

NRI students can avail the advantage of these programs by subscribing to an iTutor course or the study package of Aakash. There are no scholarships or online tests for admission into these course programs but one can purchase the course online through our website: Any NRI aspirant can get this course program by paying the course fee. 

The course material is segmented into parts on the basis of syllabus and will be delivered to the students at specific time gaps. The Aakash iTutor course is available in the form of a Desktop, Laptop and Tablet/Mobile, which a student can access at his/her own convenience to view the lectures delivered. A student can also clear his/her doubts via the iTutor itself. 

This program is excellent for those NRI students who want to crack the tough Engineering and Medical Entrance Examinations and get a seat in the elite colleges in India. NRI courses are also available for Aakash Medical, Engineering and Foundations programs.

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