Aakash Infrastructure


At Aakash, we aim to provide students with modern infrastructure and facilities. As a part of this endeavour, we intend to provide air-conditioned classrooms that provide a comfortable learning atmosphere. All classrooms are expected to be well lit, spacious and fitted with white/green board. We use interactive boards (“Agile Boards”) to enhance our teaching in our Aakash centres. The Agile Boards allow greater interaction with different media content for course delivery, which makes learning more interesting and assists our students to retain concepts more effectively. Our centres aim to have a provision of Library that offers students a wide range of books to choose from and keeps them up-to-date with the latest information. We ensure that our classrooms provide an environment which is conducive for learning by, among other things, providing better infrastructure, periodic tests and assessments and strict discipline, and continuously endeavour to improve these facilities. We also provide our students with lectures in recorded format at each of our centres, in the form of Aakash iTutor Lab which assists students in answering their queries and catching up on lectures they may have missed.

We use digital features to enhance our classroom students’ learning experience, for example through the ability to view video lectures for the lessons they missed and, in Foundation classes, through the use of audio-visual technology, such as interactive whiteboards. Our current existing digital infrastructure provides us with a strategic advantage as compared to other smaller players, some of whom do not have the platform to provide computer-based services. For example, we already have in place an online testing platform, which we are modifying to make available to a wider base of students to cater to the new online testing format of various examinations. In addition, we propose to enter into an arrangement with a partner to provide tablets to our students, so that they will be able to access and practice the online tests at our Aakash centres as well as from home. Moreover, the centres are under strict surveillance which aims to ensure the safety of students.

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