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NCERT Solutions for Class 11 English Woven Words Poem Chapter 5:The World is Too Much With Us

'The World is Too Much With Us' is a poem written by William Wordsworth. The poet expresses his anger and accuses the civilisation of devaluing nature. Being a pantheist, Wordsworth worshipped nature. He loved spending time in dense forests amidst lofty trees and gurgling streams. He wants everyone to connect with nature and understand its importance in our lives.

This sonnet, written in iambic pentameter, is a signature style of Wordsworth. Here he portrays the decadent material scepticism of the time he belonged to. He laments the loss of spirituality in human beings. He wishes to be a pagan to be able to see the Gods in the actions of nature. In this way, he can experience spiritual solace.

The poet talks about the power of the human mind and how imagination helps individuals to overcome pain. Like many of his other poems, Wordsworth in this poem finds respite in childhood memories. According to him, childhood is a place when one is pure, innocent and devoid of curses. In childhood, he spent most of his time in the lap of nature; therefore, he treats nature as his true friend. The worldly pleasures of his present life have made him complicated and critical as a person. He keeps coming back to childhood for the purification of his soul.


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