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NCERT Solutions for Class 11 English Woven Words Poem Chapter 3:Coming


'Coming' is a poem that is composed by the British poet Philip Larkin. It was published in his book named "The Less Deceived" in 1955. The poet starts the poem by describing winter as rough and chilly with no optimism remnant in the minds of the people. The poet longs for the season of Spring. Spring is the season of hope, optimism, positivity and warmth. It is the diagonal opposite of winter which is dull, mundane and lifeless.

The spring season has a special significance in literature and the lives of people living in Britain. Spring signifies colours, flowers, happiness and abundance of sunlight. Spring ushers in new life for trees and birds. The poem shows how different seasons represent the different phases of life. The birds and trees celebrate the season of spring. For the poet, Spring signifies the new beginning of everything he has ever hoped for in his life. He goes back to his childhood days when he used to be happy after seeing adults reconcile. Everything used to be simple, ecstatic and joyful. Spring energises everything, including nature and human beings. The poet beautifully mixes nature and city life. The repetition of the phrase "It will be spring soon" by the thrush reinstates Spring's arrival, the season of opportunities and optimism.


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