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NCERT Solutions for Class 11 English Woven Words Poem Chapter 1:The Peacock

'The Peacock' is a poem by Sujata Bhatt, a famous diasporic writer living in Germany. This poem is taken from her collection named 'Brunizem'. The poem talks about the condition of people who live away from their motherland. The upsetting feeling of people is shown in this text. This poem has been written in free verse and uses symbols throughout the poem. This text talks about a peacock, but the words' inner meaning reflects the poet's love for her nation.

The major theme that the poet deals with is love for one's country. The peacock is the national bird of India. The sighting of the peacock in a foreign land reminds her of India and the childhood memories she has of her native land. Another symbol used in the poem is the colour "turquoise, " representing India's rivers, which are very important for the land. The poet longs for going back to her country. She misses everything about India, including the beautiful weather, rivers, nature, and its people and its rich culture.

This poem vividly portrays how it is impossible to forget one's motherland even if one has not been there for long. The true flavour of India is inherent in the author. It is indelible and cannot be forgotten. No matter how far one stays from her motherland, she carries her country in her heart.


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