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NCERT Solutions for Class 11 English Woven Words Essay Chapter 7:Bridges

Kumudini Lakhia is famous for two of the legendary movies- Umrao Jaan and Sur Sangam. In this essay, she has written her entire life story. She depicts the entire incident of how they had gone for a movie, and she liked the dance performed by Mumtaz Ali. When her mother saw her imitate the dance at home, she said that Kumudini was born to dance, so she would take her to a dance teacher who lived in Chowpatty. Their one-side journey would take 45 minutes for dance lessons, and the writer would hate these lessons.

Since India was going through the independence struggles and military operations on behalf of the British, the writer's father was an engineer, and her family would move from place to place. She also describes an incident where she and her brother were stealing fruit from Liaquat Ali's garden. She was caught, and along with her brother, she was presented before Liaquat Ali, who, with a smile, invited her to take fruits whenever she liked. Due to her father's constant transfer, she was sent to Queen Mary's College in Lahore for her education. When she had her final exams, just before the examinations, her mother died, and she felt unique alone. She could not even reach in time to see her mother for the last time.

She later recalls herself joining the agriculture college in Allahabad. When she graduated, she got a chance to join the Ram Gopal Dance Academy based in London. Her life transformed after joining the dance company. She travelled all over the world but got bored with travel and lack of roots. So finally, she settled down and had a family. She was greatly thankful to god for her husband, as he was very supportive of her work. She was thankful for her children and the overall how her life turned out to be. The whole story shows how bridges appeared at the most important junctions of her life, and due to those bridges, her life turned out to be what she is now.




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