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NCERT Solutions for Class 11 English Woven Words Essay Chapter 6:The Story

The Story is an essay written by E. M. Forster. Forster was a very prominent English writer and critic of the 20th century, and he has written many notable short stories. The writer explores the three tones of the readers who approach a novel. The first voice in the essay seems like a good-tempered person who knows what a novel is. He seems to be occupied in some tasks but is polite enough, and he may not have the time for reading a novel, but he knows enough that the novel conveys a story.

The second tone is a visualisation of a golfer who represents an attitude, and these are another type of readers. These readers are brisk or surficial, and they do not delve into the matter of the novel, and they are aggressive or brisk readers. They treat novels as casual pieces of written text which just want a story and pass their time. They do not indulge in the novel content. He does know that a novel conveys a story, but he is not very excited about going through the story.

The third and final tone is that of an avid reader or an author who just loves a novel's concept. These types of people are deep readers and thinkers. They indulge in the story and go deep with the thought of the writer. Forster also deals with the concept of finer growths in a story. The development of a plot or a character and technicalities and the story's basic structure's movement towards an end can be characterised as finer growths. Forster also connects the human interest towards story and storytelling to as far as Palaeolithic times.


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