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NCERT Solutions for Class 11 English Woven Words Essay Chapter 2:My Three Passions

Longing for love, Seeking the treasure of knowledge and the pity towards the suffering of fellow human beings are the three passions that the writer and philosopher Bertrand Russel has in his life. The British philosopher always sought knowledge and logic. He has many recognised works on politics, education and philosophy.

The essayist begins this piece by explaining his exploration of love. He sought love because it gave a unique sense of ecstasy which was so great that it was unrivalled. Love in his views ended loneliness, and in the union of love, he saw the miniature version of heaven that the saints saw in their visions. He sought such love, and it was at least what he found. Along with love, he sought the treasure of knowledge, and he longed to know what men held in their hearts and what made the stars shine. He passionately wanted to learn the depths of the Pythagorean theorem and its applications.

He is happy that he was able to drink something from the vast ocean of knowledge. He felt that love and knowledge together elevated him towards heaven, but when he saw the sufferings of his fellow human beings, it pulled him back to the ground. His heart pained when he saw people suffering from a tyrant and old parents abandoned and treated like pain by their young children. Famine, loneliness, poverty all seemed like a mockery of human lie to the writer, and he felt that it was his responsibility to get his fellow human out of their suffering, but he practically cannot and thus, he himself suffered.

In the end, he felt that his life was worth living, and he would live this life again if he was given a chance to do so.


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