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Telangana Board Intermediate Second Year (Senior): Check the Latest Updates, Exam Pattern and Key Highlights

TS Intermediate 2nd Year 2023: TSBIE or Telangana State Secondary Education Board is a state board for education in Telangana. The Board was established in 2014.

TSBIE's structure and the process is very much similar to the other educational organizations such as CBSE, and ICSE and is located in Nampally, Hyderabad. The honorable government minister in charge of secondary education takes on the functions of president and secretary of the government, secondary education takes on the functions of vice-president of the council. Secretary of the I.A.S. Rank serves as the CEO of TSBIE.

Telangana Board for Intermediate Education- Key Highlights






Board of Intermediate Education


Hyderabad, India


2nd Floor, Vidya Bhavan, Opp. to Latha Talkies, Sri Balaji Enclave, Ghosha Mahal, Nampally, Hyderabad, Telangana 500001

Official Language

Telugu, English, Hindi & Urdu

About Telangana Intermediate II year

BSE Telangana students who have already cleared their 11th grade and wish to score good marks in 12th grade Telangana must plan their learning journey intelligently and effectively. The percentage scored in Telangana Intermediate Term 2 is very important. When you go to the interview in the future, these numbers will affect the interviewer.

TSBIE Board Key Highlights:The TSBIE board’s function is:

  • To design the Telangana Board Intermediate 2nd year syllabus.
  • To grant affiliation to Intermediate institutions
  • Take care of the academic inspection of junior colleges.
  • To monitor the publishing process for the Intermediate II year textbooks.
  • To conduct the examinations, process the results and to issue the certificates.

Telangana Board Intermediate Board 2023 2nd Year Exam Pattern

TSBIE is yet to publish the Telangana Intermediate Grade 2 2023 syllabus. Students can access the program details and grading system on the official website tsbie.cgg.gov.in. The TS 2nd Year Syllabus 2023 exam template helps 12th grade students plan their study and preparation strategies.

Telangana Intermediate 1st year is called Class 11 (Junior) and Telangana State Intermediate Grade 2 is called Class 12. Students who complete Telangana Intermediate Grade I or the first year will be promoted to the Telangana Intermediate Grade II.

TSBIE Intermediate 2nd Year Syllabus: Download Syllabus for TSBIE 2023 2nd Year

Provided below are the links to download Telangana Intermediate 2nd year syllabus (the links will be activated once the syllabus is announced by the authority):

  • Telangana Board Class 12 Syllabus
  • Telangana Board Class 12 Maths Syllabus
  • Telangana Board Class 12 Biology Syllabus
  • Telangana Board Class 12 Physics Syllabus
  • Telangana Board Class 12 Chemistry Syllabus

Telangana Intermediate Reference Books

TS Intermediate 2nd Year 2023 textbooks are designed to be informative and help students improve their academic performance. They help students in better understanding the information and concepts. It is also the most reassuring for students as it helps them achieve good test scores.

Telangana State Intermediate Previous Year Question Papers

TSBIE 2023 Sample Question papers, models, or Telangana State previous years' question papers are very popular with students of all grades because they give them the confidence to do well on the test. Practicing Previous year's question papers for Telangana State Intermediate familiarizes students with the types of questions that will be asked in the actual test. It also provides details of test patterns and test procedures.

Telangana Board Intermediate 2nd Year Exams 2022- FAQs

Q1. When will the Intermediate 2 year Telangana Board exams be conducted?
The schedule for half-yearly Telangana Inter exams or annual exams is still to be announced by the Telangana board.

Q2. What is the Grading system in Telangana Board Intermediate?
Marks Range Percentage of Marks Grade

750 and above 75% or above A
600 to 749 marks More than or equal to 60% and less than 75% B
500 to 599 marks More than or equal to 50% and less than 60% C
350 to 499 marks More than or equal to 35% and less than 50% D

Q3. Is the Telangana Inter syllabus 2023 reduced?
Due to the prevailing Covid situation, TSBIE syllabus 2022 was reduced by 30%. For 2023, there are currently no updates.

Why should students practice from reference books for Telangana Inter syllabus 2023?TS Intermediate 2nd Year 2023 reference books and textbooks are designed to be informative and help students improve their academic performance.

How are sample papers helpful for Telangana Inter syllabus 2023?TSBIE 2023 Sample Question papers, models, or Telangana State previous years' question papers are very popular with students of all grades because they give them the confidence to do well on the test.

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