1. Aakash has three distinct divisions viz. Aakash Institute for Medical, Aakash IIT-JEE for Engineering and Aakash Foundations for junior competitive-cum-school exam preparation. These divisions cater to the needs of various sets of students and their aspirations across the country.
2. The Centre Head at an Aakash Centre manages the operations and execution of all three divisions at the centre, with the help of academic, administrative and support team.
3. Admin staff supervises the Academic operations, Time-tables & class schedules, Infrastructure maintenance, Food & parking facilities, Cleanliness, Public relations and Security at the campus.
4. There is strict security staff at each centre to ensure the safety of Students, Employees and Centre’s property.
5. All classrooms are well-equipped with Air conditioners and ample lighting for the comfort of the students. In additions, all classrooms are designed to be spacious and well-ventilated, fitted with white/green board, microphone and sound system.
6. There is a provision of Library at each centre to keep students up-to-date with the latest information.
7. Fully computerized Faculty room, Audio-visual Meeting Hall and Conference Room are also available for effective learning environment.
8. Corporate Office has dedicated departments, chambers and cabins to provide all the corporate level requirements for the centres. The head office ensures provision for faculty, study material, and all administrative support required to run a centre smoothly and efficiently.
9. There is a dedicated and efficient department in the head office for content improvement and new content development. The content research team is continuously improving the study material and is always adding new and relevant content for each of the classes to further improve the learning experience of students.
10. Study plans for tests schedule, review and even parent-teacher-meetings are planned well in advance for an academic year.
11. The system is transparent and parents can easily track their wards with regards to performance and attendance in the class. If a student doesn’t turn up for a class, the parents get an SMS about it.
12. The feedback system works very well not just for the students but also for all the staff members.
13. In case of any grievance, parents and students can write to the Chairman directly.
14. Every element, right from the selection of faculty members to course scheduling, day to day administration, student as well as staff management and study research are according to the time-tested system of Aakash.
15. If Aakash has been able to give wonderful results year after year and continue to grow at the same time, it is because of the Aakash Research & Development system, which is kept well in place to adhere to any changes in exam or curriculum pattern.

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