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NCERT Solutions for Class 9 Science Chapter 14 - Natural Resources

Aakash Institute's CBSE Class 9 Science NCERT Solutions for Chapter 14 Natural Resources cover answers for all the significant points in this part. Alongside solutions and explanations of the coursebook spacing required questions, Aakash Institute gives you additional solved questions, model issues, the essential solved questions from previous year Question papers, test papers, worksheets, MCQ's, short answer questions, graphic sort questions, their answers just as tips and deceives to make them short and simple. The following part clears the uncertainty if the issue present around us is unadulterated or tainted.

Natural resources are properties that occur without any human intervention. This encompasses all valuable features, such as consumer and industrial use, artistic value, interest in science, and cultural value. It contains all rocks on Earth and all plant and animal life, sunshine, atmosphere, water, and soil.

Natural resources of nature reserves may be part of our natural heritage or preserved. Special regions, such as the Fatu-Hiva rainforest, are also distinguished by the ecosystem's biodiversity and geodiversity. It is important to identify natural resources in various ways further. Natural resources are materials and elements that can be used and discovered in the world. This chapter also talks in detail about agricultural practices, types of agricultural practices, soil profile, its importance, and more. 

At its basic level, a human-made commodity consists of natural resources. As a different object, such as freshwater, air, and any living creature, such as aquatic animals, a natural resource may exist in an alternative form that must be extracted to produce the resource, such as rare earth elements, petroleum, and most sources of energy.


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