Aakash CBT Program


Embracing Smart Technology for Improving Test Performance

Aakash CBT is an online testing platform that aids in computer based testing (CBT) for engineering entrance exams.

Instant Feedback

Detailed Time Spent Analytics

Subject-level Diagnostics

Aakash CBT Features & Benefits
Features & Benefits


  • Real Time
  • Diagnose Subject
    Level Proficiency
  • Concept Level
  • Time Spent


  • Instant
  • Improve Test
    Taking Strategy
  • Improve
    Weaker Areas
  • Improve Speed
    & Accuracy

Get On to a Splendid Aakash CBT Experience

1. Get an Academic Device

Use your Aakash PSID and Password to order a device from an online portal.

Order new Academic Device
Use your existing Device
2. Get a 4G SIM

Purchase a 4G SIM from any nearest store

3. Get Started

Download the Aakash CBT app and use your Aakash credentials to attempt a demo test (use passcode 4321)

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