Aakash Advantage: Unlocking Excellence in Education

Advanced Technology Driven Teaching
  • Hybrid classrooms offering the best of classroom & online learning
  • Smart boards or Projector enabled classrooms
  • Anytime & anywhere access of Recorded video lectures with ebooks (i-Tutor)
  • Phygital Study Material with Embedded QR codes for detailed explanation A
  • Instant doubt resolution on myAakash app through "Ask Your Doubt”
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Dynamic Academic Edge
  • Medical: Audiprep, Know Your NCERT, Experimental Workshops, NEET Challenger, NCERT Maps
  • Engineering: JEE Challenger, Workshops, JEE Archive, Spotlight Program, Video Solutions of Study Material, Skull Crusher
  • Foundation: Activity Based Learning, Workshops, Quiz Activity, Lecture PPTs, Flash Cards, Knowledge Bytes, Experiment Based Videos
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Vigorous Testing System
  • Medical: Practice Test, Term Exam, AIATS, Final Test Series, Intensive programme, NCERT Booster Program, M-CAPS & AMTP
  • Engineering: Unit Test, Term Exam, AIATS, Final Test & Archive Test Series, E-CAPS & AMTP
  • Foundation: Subjective Test, Term Test, Mock Test, Objective Test, AIATS, Olympiad Test Series, J-CAPS & AMTP
  • Error Analysis Report for different tests
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Academic Excellence
  • Qualified & well-trained faculty
  • Integrated approach focusing on competitive & school exams
  • Concept & application based learning through Interactive & engaging lectures
  • Well defined lecture plan for effective syllabus completion
  • One-to-one interactive Doubt clearing session with subject experts
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Network of Safety, Security & Hygiene
  • CCTV surveillance
  • Security Guards at all Branches
  • Attendance Alert and SMS
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Target Oriented Study Material
  • Based on latest school syllabus & exam pattern
  • Level wise distribution of study material for better focus on school & competitive exams
  • Variety of questions for quick revision
  • Additional Booklets - Medical: Momentum Booster
  • Engineering: Success Achiever, Success Magnet, Rapid Revision & Formula Bank
  • Foundation: Micro- Assignments, Fast Track & Trickopedia, Olympiads & Advanced Level Question Bank
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Action Oriented Student Feedback
  • NPS (Net Promoter Score) & CSAT (Customer Satisfaction)
  • Grievance redressal
  • Regular PTMs
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Genuine Care and Attention
  • Post Result Guidance & Support
  • Access to myAakash App
  • Regular motivational webinars
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Excellent Results
  • 1,22,000+ Aakashians qualified NEET & JEE in 2023
  • 3,700+ students qualified in different stages of Maths & Science Olympiads in 2022-23
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