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KBPE Class 12 Syllabus 2023

Kerala DHSE Plus 2 Syllabus 2023: The Directorate of Higher Secondary Education (DHSE), Kerala, has not released the Kerala Plus Two (Class 12) Syllabus 2023 for Science, Commerce, and Arts streams on their official website yet. Kerala Class 12 syllabus consists of all the topics and units to be covered for the annual exams. Students pursuing Class 12th must go through the entire plus two syllabus to plan and prepare well for the exams. As per the board, thoroughly covering the entire syllabus will be enough for students, as the question papers will consist of questions from these units and topics only.

Kerala Plus Two Syllabus 2023

The Kerala Plus Two syllabus 2023 will tentatively cover the three different streams: Science, Commerce, and Arts. Provided below is the tentative Kerala Plus Two syllabus 2023 for the Science, Commerce, and Arts from the board’s official website. 


Topics to be covered


The 3Ls of empowerment, Any woman, Horegallu, Matchbox, Mending wall, Amigo brothers, The hour of truth, A three wheeled revolution, Stammer, When a sapling is planted, Rice, Dangers of drug abuse, Post early for christmas, This is going to hurt just a little bit, Crime and punishment


Correlation analysis, Regression analysis, Elementary calculus, Random variables, Discrete probability distributions, Normal distributions, Sampling distribution, Estimation of parameters, Testing of hypothesis, Analysis of variance, Statistical quality control, Time series, Index numbers

Computer Science 

Structures and pointers, Concept of object oriented programming, Data structures and operations, Wen technology, Web designing, Client side scripting using JavaScript, Web hosting, Database management system, Structured query language, Server side scripting using PHP, Advances in computing, ICT & society


Electric charges & fields, electrostatic potential & capacitance, current electricity, moving charges & magnetism, magnetism & matter, electromagnetic induction, alternating current, electromagnetic waves, ray optics and optical instruments, wave optics, dual nature of radiation and matter, atoms, nuclei, semiconductor electronics


Solid state, solutions, electrochemistry, chemical kinetics, surface chemistry, general principles & processes of isolation elements, p, d, f-block elements, coordination compounds, haloalkanes & haloarenes, alcohols, phenols & ethers, aldehydes, ketones & carboxylic acids, amines, biomolecules, polymers, chemistry in everyday life


Relations & functions, inverse trigonometric functions, matrices, determinants, continuity, differentiability, application of derivatives, integrals, differential equations, vector algebra, 3D geometry, linear programming, probability, 

Political Science 

Challenges of nation building, era of one-party dominance, politics of planned development, india’s external relations, challenges to the congress system, crisis of the democratic order, rise of popular movements, regional aspirations, recent development in indian politics, cold war era, end of bipolarity, us hegemony in world politics, alternative centres of power, contemporary south asia, international organisations, unit security in contemporary world, environment and natural resources, globalisation


Brickcks, beads, & bones, Kings, farmers, & towns, Kinship, caste, & class, Thinkers, beliefs, & buildings, Through the eyes of travellers, Bhakti sufi traditions, Imerical capital: Vijayanagara, Peasants, zamindars, & state, Kings & chronicles, Colonialism & countryside, Rebels & raj, Gandhi & nationalist movement, Partition, Pre modern Kerala, Kerala toward modernity


Micro & macro economics, Theory of consumer behaviour, National income accounting, Production & cost, Theory of firm under perfect competition, Income determinism, Market equilibrium, Government budget & country, Non competitive market, Open economy macro economy 


Human geography, population, migration, human development, human settlement, primary activities, land resources & agriculture, water resources, mineral & energy resources, manufacturing industries, tertiary & quaternary activities, transport & communication, international trade, planning & sustainable development in India, geographical perspective on selected issues & problems


Accounting for NPA & partnership firms, reconstitution of partnership, death of partner, dissolution of partnership, accounting for share capital, issue & redemption of debenture, financial statements of company & its analysis, accounting ratios, cash flow statement


Introducing Indian society, Demographic structure of Indian society, Social institutions, Market as social institution, Challenges of cultural diversity, Structural change, Cultural change, Change & development in rural & industrial society, Globalisation & social change, Social movements, Mass media & communication, 


Psychological attributes, Personality, Challenges Of Adjustment, Psychological Disorders, Therapeutic Approaches, Social Relevance of Psychology, Psychology & Life, Nurturing Psychological Skills.


Q 1. What all topics are covered in Kerala Plus Two Syllabus 2023?
The KBPE Plus Two syllabus contains various chapters and topics from subjects like Mathematics, Chemistry, etc. For the ease of students, KBPE detailed 2023 syllabus for Plus two is provided above on this page. 

Q 2. Are there any grace marks in the Kerala DHSE exams 2023 exam pattern?
Answer: Yes, the board will provide grace marks to the State Level Higher Secondary School Youth Festival winners. The distribution is provided below:

  • A Grade - 5% of the aggregate score
  • B Grade - 4% of the aggregate score
  • C Grade - 3% of the aggregate score

Q 3. How can I prepare well for the Kerala DHSE exam 2023?
The first step in preparing for the Kerala Plus Two exam is to complete the syllabus (provided above) and develop a conceptual understanding of the subjects. The next step is practice. The students should practise question answers from different chapters and solve previous years’ question papers within the time limit.

Q 4. What is the duration of the Kerala DHSE exam?
Answer: The duration of the Kerala DHSE exam will be two-and-a-half hours. This time is for theory exams, and the practical exams are conducted separately. 

Q 5. When will Kerala DHSE 2023 exam results be declared?
Answer: Kerala DHSE exam 2023 results are expected to be declared after the conduct of the exams. The exams will be conducted in 2023. 

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