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NEET UG 2022 College Predictor & Counselling Guide for Admission to MBBS/BDS/BAMS/BHMS Courses

Aakash BYJU’S NEET College Predictor tool will help you know the MBBS/BDS/BAMS/BHMS colleges for admission based on your NEETUG 2022 rankings. Enter your NTA NEET UG 2022 rank to get an insight into the college prediction based on your NEET marks. The NEET UG 2022 exam was conducted on 17th July 2022 and the results were released on 7th September 2022 on the official website of NEET - neet.nta.nic.in.

Find Your Medical College using Aakash NEET College Predictor Tool

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Note:-Aakash Byju’s NEET College predictor 2022 enables students to get a fair idea of their NEET 2022 college based on the score they expect in NEET UG 2022.

NEET (UG) 2022 Counselling & College Cut-off Prediction | All You Need to Know

Career Counselling & Guidance Session for Pre-Medical Students

Watch to Know All About NEET 2022 Counselling Process

There are two types of NEET 2022 Counselling - All India quota and State level quota. The AIQ NEET counselling is conducted for 15% of Govt Seats, plus 100% of Deemed and Central University seats, ESIC, AFMC, AIIMs and JIPMER seats. Whereas, the NEET state quota counselling is conducted for 85% of govt seats and 100% of private seats of the states. Watch our experts taking you through the whole process of NEET (UG) 2022 Counselling, important dates, list of medical colleges etc.

NEET UG 2022 MCC Counselling Process

Medical Counselling Committee (MCC) will release the counselling schedule for the National Eligibility cum Entrance Test- Undergraduate (NEET UG) 2022 on mcc.nic.in. This will include NEET UG 2022 MCC Counselling date, registration process, choice filling, locking of choice, counselling result, and final reporting at the assigned college. Here's a video by Aakash Byju's explaining all this process, watch now:

How to Predict Medical Colleges using NEET Rank?

For the ease of students, Aakash has provided the NEET College Predictor tool; so that candidates can predict their probable colleges based on their expected ranks.

The NEET 2022 College Predictor tool uses advanced algorithms and opening & closing ranks of previous year's NEET counselling data to predict the best possible college for students based on the entered expected ranks. To access the same, candidates will have to simply register for the same here at the page and get an idea of their future medical college.

How to Use the NEET Rank Predictor for Free?

Here is the step-by-step guide to find your NEET 2022 Rank & College with our NEET UG Rank Predictor 2022:

  • Fill in your personal information such as - name, email ID, mobile number
  • Verify your mobile number via OTP
  • Select - student type, city, branch and category
  • Enter your NEET roll number, expected NEET rank and click on submit button to find your expected NEET ranking and college

How to Calculate NEET Rank by Marks

Candidates can use their NEET scores to know what will be their All-India Rank (AIR). Once the NEET results are declared, you would be able to know your NEET score and NEET Rank. But, if you want to check your expected score before the announcement of the NEET Result, you can use your NEET response sheet and NEET answer key to know calculate the expected score. Use the NEET marking scheme as a guide to award yourself marks for each correct and incorrect answer and get an expected score. Now, refer to the tabel provided below to estimate Your NEET rank range for the year 2022:

NEET AIR and Total Marks Range

1 1-100 705-720
2 101-200 700-705
3 201-500 690-700
4 501-1000 679-690
5 1001-1500 671-679
6 1501-2000 666-671
7 2001-2500 661-666
8 2501-3000 657-661
9 3001-3500 654-657
10 3501-4000 650-653
11 4001-4500 647-650
12 4501-5000 645-647
13 5001-5500 642-645
14 5501-6000 640-642
15 6001-6500 637-640
16 6501-7000 635-637
17 7001-7500 633-635
18 7501-8000 631-633
19 8001-8500 630-631
20 8501-9000 627-630
21 9001-9500 626-627
22 9501-10000 624-626
23 10001-20000 597-624
24 20001-35000 568-597
25 35001-50000 545-568
26 50001-75000 511-545
27 75001-90000 494-511
28 90001-120000 463-494

Advantages of NEET UG 2022 Rank Predictor

  • NEET college predictor 2022 tool helps you explore career opportunities well in advance
  • Stress-free calculation of probable NEET rank within a few seconds
  • Get an insight into your NEET 2022 performance
  • Helps you understand where you stand in the NEET competition

The rank you secure in this Aakash BYJU’S NEET rank prediction tool is just a prediction. This is just a prediction tool to help students get an idea of the NEET ranking. We request the students to kindly wait for the official declaration of the NEET exam results on the official website of NEET NTA 2022. The results are subject to vary based on various parameters.

NEET Qualifying Marks

NEET qualifying marks are the marks required to be selected for the NEET counselling merit list. There is a widespread misperception that NEET qualifying marks are equal to half of the NEET score, i.e., half of 720=360, which is not true. NEET UG qualifying marks is 50th percentile. NEET percentile score and NEET score percentage are different. Hence, to qualify for NEET counselling, you must outperform 50% of the total aspirants who appeared for the NEET entrance exam. The NEET qualifying mark varies from year to year, often ranging from 150 to 200. Please keep in mind that simply scoring 150-200 in NEET UG exam is not going to help you get admission into medical colleges in India.

Category-wise NEET Qualifying Marks

Category NEET Qualifying Marks
Unreserved 50 Percentile
SC/ST/OBC/Reserved-PH 40 Percentile
Unreserved- PH 45 Percentile

NEET Cut Off for MBBS Colleges

NEET Cut Off for government medical colleges will be released by the Medical Counselling Committee (MCC) after the declaration of NEET results. NTA releases NEET merit list for admission to 15% All India Quota (AIQ) seats on its official website - neet.nta.nic.in. NEET cut off for rest of the 85% state quota seatss are released by the respective state medical counselling authorities.

Aspirants seeking admission to undergraduate courses in Indian medical colleges should be aware of the NEET cut off 2022 for better references for admission. Candidates who do not meet the NEET cut off for admission to government colleges will be denied admission to MBBS and BDS programmes. The NEET 2022 cutoff for government institutions is determined by a variety of variables, including the number of candidates who appeared for the NEET exam, the level of difficulty of NEET paper, available seats, and NEET exam results. Therefore, the NEET 2022 cut off differs for each institute.

FAQ About NEET Rank Predictor 2022
Q1. How accurate is the NEET Rank Predictor?

Ans. The important aspect of this tool that decides the accuracy is the score entered in the NEET rank predictor tool. The more accurate the entered score in the tool is, the more accurate your predicted rank will be.

Q2. What is the benefit of using the NEET Rank Predictor?

Ans. The NEET rank predictor will help students to estimate the most probable rank and their performance with respect to other NEET students. It will also give you an insight into which medical colleges you are eligible to get admission to.

Q3. What is the list of things required while using the NEET rank predictor?

Ans. You need to keep the following details handy before you check your rank or college using this tool:

  • Your score out of 720
  • Subject-wise marks you have scored
  • Name and email ID

Q4. How reliable is the NEET Rank Predictor?

Ans. This is just a prediction tool to help students get a fair idea of the NEET ranking. We request the students to kindly wait for the official declaration of the NEET exam results on the official website of NEET NTA 2022.

Q5. What are the minimum qualifying marks for NEET 2022 exam?

Ans. The minimum qualifying marks for unreserved is 50%, SC/ST/OBC is 40%, and unreserved PH is 45% for NEET 2022.

Q6. Is NEET rank predictor accurate?

Ans. The NEET Rank predictor is designed to help students get an “estimate” of their probable ranks. The rank predictor tool use the data of previous years’ and suggests the ranks accordingly. The results are close but not accurate

Q7. What is the rank for 500 marks in NEET?

Ans. As per the past year’s data, a rank between 494-511 can get you a rank anywhere between 75001-90000 and considering the competition, it might be difficult to get the desired college in this rank scale.

Q8. Which is the best NEET college predictor?

Ans. All NEET rank predictors are curated to help students get an idea of the probable NEET ranks. No NEET rank predictor can guarantee 100% results. If students want to estimate their ranks, NEET 2022 rank predictor curated by experts at Aakash can be used which is given above on the page.

Q9. Is 100 a good rank in NEET?

Ans. Rank 100 can be called a very good rank and this rank can surely get you the desired college and course.

Q10. Is 30000 a good rank in NEET?

Ans. If you belong to the general category, you might find it difficult to get a seat in top medical colleges in India. However, you might be able to score a seat in a medical college.

Q11. Is 40000 a good rank in NEET?

Ans.Yes NEET Rank of 40000 can be considered a good rank in NEET 2022 considering the level of competition. It will not be false to say that there are high chances that you will get a medical seat in your preferred course.

Q12. Is 200000 a good rank in NEET?

Ans. Well, considering the students who have given the NEET exam, 200000 can be considered a good rank but considering the number of medical seats, you might find very difficult to get a seat in a government medical college (if you are preferring it).

Q13. Is 100000 NEET rank good?

Ans. As per the past year trends, many medical universities and medical colleges have taken admissions with 1,00,000+ ranks in the NEET-UG. So yes, there are chances that you might get a medical college with this rank.

Q14. Is 60000 a good rank in NEET?

Ans. If your expected rank is 60000 then the scores fall around 511-545. With these scores, getting into a good medical college lies completely upon the NEET 2022 cutoff. However, you might get a medical college with this rank.

Q15. Is NEET 70000 a good rank?

Ans. If your probable NEET rank is 70000 then the scores will be between 511-545. As mentioned in the above answer, getting into a good medical college lies completely upon the NEET 2022 cutoff.

Q16. Is 500 a good score in NEET?

Ans. 500 NEET scores mean a rank falling around 50001-75000. Well, nothing can be said as of now as the NEET cutoff is still to be released.

Q17. What is the minimum rank in NEET to get BDS?

Ans. Based on previous year trends, it can be assumed that a minimum of 50th percentile (for general category) is required for admission to the dental colleges across the country.

Q18. What is the closing rank in NEET?

Ans. NEET rankings will be released by the National Testing Agency on the official website neet.nta.nic.in. Candidates can check the NEET closing rank after the release of NEET cut off on the official website.

Q19. What is the minimum rank in NEET to get MBBS?

Ans. As per the previous year's trends, candidates who score above 550 NEET score have a higher chance to get MBBS admission into government medical colleges in India.

Q20. Can I get an MBBS seat with 300 marks?

Ans. The NEET MBBS cut off for admission to government medical colleges is higher, but you can get admission to a private medical college with 300 marks.