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NCERT Solutions for Class 11 English Woven Words Poem Chapter 7:Hawk Roosting

'Hawk Roosting' is a dramatic monologue taken from 'Lupercal' by Ted Hughes. It is a poem told from the point of view of a hawk. This poem is one of the many animal poems by the writer. Here the writer sees the world through the eyes of a hawk. He talks about the hawk's pride, position, and cunning eyes, always searching for his prey. The hawk looks down upon the world as if he rules over it. The people, the high-rise buildings, the big trees, the small creatures belong to him. He is the owner of everything visible from the top.

Hawk is a violent bird, but his kind of violence is a part of his survival. He lacks human qualities like compassion, mercy and repentance. His life is filled with ruthless hunting and solitude. His powerful world does not have a place for morality; neither is he destined to lead the life of a docile animal. He remains at the top of the ecosystem because he deserves to be there. He is one half of nature that kills and lives on the other half that consists of weaker animals.

Ted Hughes explains that nature is made of both miracle and violence towards the end of the poem. They are equally important, and they coexist. The central theme of the poem is based on the perspective of people towards a situation. What is a crime in the eyes of the law is the rule in the world of animals. This poem is deep; full of innuendos and motifs.


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