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NCERT Solutions for Class 11 English Woven Words Essay Chapter 1:My Watch

The essay has been written by the famous writer Samuel L Clemens who took up the pseudonym Mark Twain. Samuel was known for his humour and depiction of serious thought through his witty nature. In this essay, the writer depicts the incompetencies of people repairing his watch, and he narrates the entire issue in a very witty sense.

The narrator, in the very beginning, was proud of the watch that he had with him. He tells the readers that the watch had never lost or gained a second and worked flawlessly. He subconsciously decided to let his superstitions go and let the watch wind out one night. Then he set the watch by his perception, and the next day, he entered the master jewellers establishment to set the correct time. The chief took the watch from his hands and said that the regulator is not aligned and it needs pushing up because the watch was four minutes slow. The narrator tried to tell him that it was not an issue, but the chief meddled with the regulator and then began the narrator's series of problems. The watch started gaining time, and Samuel depicts his watch as a sort of time machine by saying his watch took him into the future, his rent and bills came early, which disturbed his schedule.

Samuel further narrates about taking his watch to various other repairers, and every time there was an issue. It became slow when it showed the time of the last week. At times, it gave a recoil like a musket, the hands of the clock got stuck, or it used to unwind every seven or eight hours. At last, he took it to a repairman who seemed like a steam engine engineer and not a good one. He grilled the repairer for a long time and realised that he had paid two hundred dollars for the new watch, and he had paid about two to three thousand dollars to the repairers. He says that a watch is only good until the repairmen have not got their hands on it.


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