Making Tough Portions Easy
Elaborated theoretical interpretation is the essential aspect for conceptual clarity; unless the fundamentals are clear, it would be difficult to understand the applied portions and the concepts of any topic/subject. Aakash study material has been designed with an aim to eliminate these prevalent difficulties usually faced by the students. The study material contains extensive theoretical notes which are prepared in point-wise format to make tough portions easy so as to create interest for learning among the students.
Our exhaustive study material serves dual purpose because it has been designed in such a manner that covers the academic as well as competitive syllabi. Although, emphasis has been laid focusing on the pattern of competitive exams, yet students need not wander anywhere for the preparation of their academic examinations because it is elaborate enough to fulfil both the purposes. In order to make the study material comprehensive – several study aids like charts, figures, pictorial graphs and data in tabular form are given and the key points are highlighted. The coherence between chapters, topics and sub-topics is well maintained making it easy to learn.

Concept Building Exercises (CBE) with Various Tests
At Aakash, Concept Building Exercises are supplemented by various tests. And this unique feature of our pedagogy helps actualise the aim of our research-oriented study material. These mechanisms have worked wonders in improving overall performance of the students. To optimise the output, the syllabi are divided in small feasible units along with the comprehensive set of solved problems and concept building exercises. These time-tested procedures help students identify the problems they encounter after each module, thereby making their concepts crystal clear.
Enriched Solved Examples — A Concept Booster
Our holistic study package includes topic-wise solved examples which are sequentially arranged to elucidate the concepts. Solved examples cover wide range of questions which are based on myriad formats usually asked in different Medical & Engineering competitive examinations. At the end of each chapter, collection of formulae, relevant subjective exercises are given for quick recap. Some extra questions based on CBSE & NCERT patterns are also supplemented for conceptual clarity. The solved examples are of great help to the students in attempting complex questions which are meant to assess the concept of the students related to the subject and this little number of questions turns out to be the differentiator, separating the winners from the losers.
Graphical Presentation - An Interpretative Tool
Graphical presentation makes the learning easy and interesting as ‘One figure represents thousand words’. Aiming to encourage the students for learning, emphasis is laid on correct visualization through pertinent graphics as intricate concepts can be understood better with the aid of relevant visuals. The graphics used in our package are based on the latest software innovations that elaborate the concepts in such a manner, which leaves permanent imprint on the minds of the students. This tool has worked wonders in making the difficult problems comprehensive and easy to understand.

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