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Should you opt for distance Learning
Should you opt for distance Learning

Should You Opt for a Distance Learning Program to Prepare for IIT JEE?

When preparing for IIT JEE, you will be faced with a number of dilemmas and confusions about choosing your mode of coaching. While some will advise you to go for classroom learning, others will give you suggestions about going for new modes such as distance learning programs and that via digital platforms. The final choice; however, depends on a number of factors among which your location and financial stability are crucial ones.

In case you are living in a remote area and do not have a strong financial background, going for distance learning program is the best way to ensure a properly planned preparation for IIT JEE. To help you understand the perks of distance learning programs, here are some of the best features that we offer. Read them all and decide for yourself:

1) Comprehensive Study Material at Your Doorstep

If you opt for our distance learning program, you will be provided with an elaborated IIT JEE study material which will be couriered at your address. The study material comprises of all the important textbooks and practice assignments with questions covering all the topics. Not just this, but we also offer supplemental study resource for Mental Ability, English Language, Trickopedia and General Knowledge to help you learn diverse topics. In addition, special assignments and JEE main mock test which are based on the latest exam pattern are also provided.

2) Join it When You Wish

Yes, with distance learning program, you have the liberty to enrol yourself anytime throughout the year as per your convenience. In case, you miss the course from the date of commencement; we will give you all the assignments and study materials without any trouble. You can then begin your preparation and put your best efforts forward. However, try to join the course as soon as possible, for it will give you ample time to study and revise for your exam. Furthermore, keeping in mind the bilingual approach of the test, we provide study material in both Hindi and English language.

3) All India Aakash Test Series (AIATS)

One of the major highlights of our distance learning program is the inclusion of All India Aakash Test Series (AIATS). provide a number of test papers which are specially curated by our experienced faculty. This is a national test series that we offer to our students, so they get acquainted with the actual exam environment. As per their choice, they can either take AIATS through online or offline mode.

4) An Affordable Option

Keeping in mind the diversity of our students, we offer various distance learning programs with different fees. As per your budget, you can opt for a suitable program and begin your preparation. Overall, your studies won’t become a financial burden on your parents, and you still get the chance to prepare for your dreams.

Selection in IIT is no less than a dream come true for millions of engineering aspirants out there. We at Aakash Institute, believe that no student should be kept away from proper guidance and learning. By offering the right resources through our distance learning programs, we aim to help thousands of students in achieving great success by providing an excellent education. There are various distance learning programs that we offer to the IIT aspirants. We also offer digital learning programs like and Aakash Live where they also get JEE main mock test to assess their progress. To know more about them, contact us on 1800 212 1239 and get all the answers. All the best.

Author: Kriti Kohli

Kriti is an active blogger with decent experience in the education industry. She researches on various topics related to education & various other competitive exams and pens down her research in the form of articles & blogs. She performs extensive research, adds several crucial information, inputs and statistics in her write-ups. When she is not writing, she loves wandering around the hills, as exploring nature excites her the most.


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  2. I am in class 8.i want to prepare for aiims exam.and I want to start from now only .Please help what I should do!!??

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