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The pattern of the NEET 2017 was same as that of introduced in NEET last year. There were a total of 180 questions, each question carrying 4 marks with 1 negative mark for wrongly answered questions.

In Physics, overall questions were above average. Physics paper had mix of easy, moderate and difficult questions. It had almost 50% questions, which were of calculative nature, leading to more time investment by students. Overall, the Physics question paper was time consuming due to fractional calculations. Roughly, 30% questions were theoretical and were brainstorming in nature. Most of the questions had two or more concepts interlinked and were not straightforward.

As far as Chemistry Questions paper is concerned, the paper was of above average level. Nearly 30% questions were difficult and required strong conceptual clarity. One question has ambiguity while two questions were found beyond the scope of NCERT.

The Biology portion of the NEET 2017 included mostly average type of questions. Most of the questions were based on the statements given in NCERT but some questions were not directly asked from NCERT. If a student has read the NCERT well, he/she must have fared well in it. A few questions required analytical ability. Overall, the Biology questions were on the expected lines.

NEET-2017 question paper was different in some regions, especially the codes, which had questions in Gujarati and Bengali language. Gujarati language question paper can be deemed relatively easier if we compare it with paper codes which had questions in English and Hindi languages.

Additional Highlights of NEET 2017 Exam: 

  • Most of the questions were based on concepts given in NCERT. One can conclude that 60-70% of the complete paper was a clear reflection of NCERT.
  • Overall, questions involved different level of skills – some being knowledge based and some being analytical type. Questions in Physics were very demanding in terms of being multi-conceptual, hence time consuming. Questions based upon diagram, however, were less in number this time.
  • One has to agree, a change in trend was witnessed this year as the bar of difficulty level was definitely seen higher since questions required exceptional calculation skills. While in Biology a major fraction of questions were from class XI but in Physics & Chemistry it was nearly an equal share between XI & XII class.
  • CBSE continued its tradition of nearly 7% ambiguous questions giving jitters to NEET (Medical) aspirants.
  • It can also be suggested that many options in questions particularly in Biology were beyond the NCERT textbook information. This comes as a warning to the future NEET aspirants, who required additional training to come up to expectation of entrance.

CONCLUSION – This year, clearly, more emphasis was laid on application-based questions in all the three subjects.

Stay Tuned for more updates on NEET 2017 🙂

Author: Aakash Institute



    The Question set for students opting for Bengali language was much tougher than the questions in English/Hindi version in Neet 2017. How this will be normalized? Otherwise students from Bengal will be severely deprived for all India (15%) quota seats. More over in state quota seats also students from non-urban areas, will be in a disadvantageous position in competition with urban English medium students. Which is gross misjustice.
    CBSE is giving logic that, different questions are set for online and offline exams of jee(main). But that is pre-announced, and normal as the the date of exams are different. Students can opt knowing the difference. There was no announcement regarding different questions in Bengali or Gujrati languages for NEET2017.
    They are now siting the examples of AIIMS entrance exam. Yes there are 2 different set of Question in AIIMS entrance. But they have made a detailed and scientific processes for normalizing the marks obtained by the students facing different sets of questions.
    Will there be any such normalization for different questions of neet2017 ? Otherwise court will have to interfere this year also, like 2016.

  2. Please upload Bengali Neet paper

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