Do's and Dont's for Aakash CBT App

settings_cellTips & Rules for using the Aakash CBT App

Do’s (Taking a test on Android App)

General guidelines
  • Make sure you are signed in with your PSID and Password and you have downloaded the test.
  • Ensure that the battery in your device is sufficiently charged for serving 3 hrs before starting the test. We recommend your device is on charging mode during the test.
  • Make sure you are on Airplane mode before starting the test to avoid disturbance.
  • Connect your device to the internet to download the test question paper to attempt offline. Make sure you download the paper beforehand so as to avoid last minute rush.
  • Please ensure you sync to the internet before submitting your paper to generate your result and score improvement report.
While taking the test
  • Make sure you begin the test with a plan. Start with your strongest section.
  • Go through the entire paper and attempt the questions you know first.
  • Make sure you save at least 20-30 mins in the end to revisit your answers. In an online test, you can change your answer at any time.

Dont's (Taking a test on Android App)

General guidelines
  • Don’t change the date and time of the device in between the Test, on doing so the test will get auto-submitted.
  • Don’t submit the test before time. Try to use the entire duration of the test wisely.
While taking a test
  • The test will auto submit if you are out of the Aakash app for more than 30 sec.
  • Avoid making careless mistakes. Spend a reasonable amount of time to carefully read every question and solve.
  • Don’t attempt questions you don’t know or unable to solve. The test has negative marking.


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