Cracking competitive examinations needs more than just having an in-depth knowledge of the concepts or understanding of the topics in the syllabus. Students need to manage their time efficiently during the exam to qualify. At the same time, speed without accuracy will yield no good results. Minimum or no mistakes and maximum score in the exam can only be achieved through effective time management.

Aakash CBT’s Score and Time Analysis feature helps:

• Tracking the time spent on each question

• Tracking the questions solved quickly reflecting that the answer have been either guessed or you were confident about the answer

• Tracking the questions that involved extra time to solve reflecting your weak areas
Aakash CBT has in-built intuitive features that monitor your performance precisely and provide deep insights on various factors of the test attempts. This helps in identifying areas of improvement. This extensive analysis also helps you to utilize your time optimally and get some more time to focus on other questions.

The Score and Time Analysis feature provides the following crucial insights:
  • Subject Wise Score: This analysis provides an insight to the questions answered correctly, incorrectly and not attempted for each subject. It also reflects how deficit or surplus you are from the cut-off.
  • First Look Time and Accuracy:First Look Time refers to the time a student spends to go through the entire test, yet not necessarily answering all the questions. First Look Accuracy refers to the accuracy level of your attempts made during the First Look Time. Ideally, the First Look Time should be 100 minutes and the First Look Accuracy should be more than 90%.
  • Attempt Strategy: Having an effective strategy is the master key to qualify any test that helps eliminating the chances of committing careless mistakes. The students get to identify their strategic strengths to attempt the test through this analysis.
  • Time Spent: CBT’s Score and Time Analysis feature makes you aware of the subject-wise time spent on each question. It also identifies the time spent on a question that was not even attempted.
  • Attempt Effectiveness: This aspect of the analysis identifies the wasted, accurate and overtime indulging attempts. You can get more details by clicking on the “View Explanation” and get the explanatory interpretation of the insights.
Test taking strategy refers to your plan of action while you take the test. It revolves around time spent on each question, what to attempt first and what at last, which question to save for review and where to made guesses, if required etc. The test taking strategy evaluates your success and failure to attempt the test.
Attempt effectiveness measures your efficiency of attempting a test in terms of speed and accuracy. Various competitive entrance exams like JEE and NEET etc. constitute questions having varied difficulty levels and the time to attempt each question must be spent wisely. Based on your effectiveness to attempt the questions, your speed and accuracy is analyzed by Aakash CBT app and the attempt effectiveness is categorized as:

1.Attempts wasted:Mostly induced by panic or overconfidence, the attempts are considered wasted when a student spends very little time on a question and answers it wrongly. Each wasted attempt may lead a student to lose 5 marks that is the game changer in competitive exams. This leads to a loss of up to 25,000 ranks in exams like JEE.

2.Overtime Attempts:Overtime attempt refers to the effort made by student to attempt the questions by spending more than ideal time. Overtime attempts can be classified as overtime correct attempts and overtime incorrect attempts based on the correctness/ incorrectness of the answers.

3.Perfect Attempts: Perfect attempts indicate your effort, time and accuracy of the correctly answered questions within supposedly ideal time. Achieving a perfect attempt indicates your right approach and conceptual understanding of the question. CBT targets to help you increase the number of perfect attempts making you score higher in the actual exam.

The time-bound practice tests on Aakash CBT help you improve your speed and accuracy, which in turn enhances the attempt effectiveness. The RANKUP feature in the Aakash CBT appgets you the personalized instructions and practice packs to help you improve the speed and accuracy.
Attempt strategy or attempt management reflects your overall efficiency in attempting the test. Represented graphically, this parameter validates your strategy or approach to take a test adhering to the selection of questions to answer first, first look time and accuracy, and attempt effectiveness. This helps you improving your speed and accuracy while helping you to minimize or eliminate the chances of negative marking.
After successfully submitting the test, you can access the advanced test analysis provided in the Aakash CBT app. A section called “Concept-level analysis” is available that lists:

1. Chapters from which the question were answered incorrectly
2.Chapters from which the question were answered correctly
3. Chapters from which the question were not attempted

Click on any of the chapter cards to open a concise summary of the chapter for revision. As a part of this summary, you will be displayed concept-level sections reflecting your accuracy. You can revise the questions you answered incorrectly instead of wasting your time studying the entire chapter again.
A test summary is generated and made available immediately after the test is completed and submitted. This report includes the score achieved, score percentage and cut-off percentage for the test along with subject-wise performance. The complete test report will be available later on a specific date and time that would be mentioned just below the test summary report.
Yes. But to take a test in the offline mode i.e. without internet connectivity, you need to download the test in Aakash CBT on your device. To take a test in offline mode, follow the below-mentioned steps:

1. Sign in to your CBT account.

2. Click ”Download” under the test that you wish to take. Make sure your device is connected to the internet for downloading a test.

3. After successful download, you can take the test without internet connectivity.
After you submit a test successfully, you will be directed to the “Exam Summary” that lists the number of attempted and unattempted questions in each section.

Click “Next” to see your score and the number of correctly as well incorrectly answered. You would also be able to view the number of unattempted questions in each section.

The correct solutions of all the questions are provided in the “Solutions and Concept-wise Analysis” section that would be unlocked after successful submission of the test only.


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