You can access Aakash CBT on your Android or iOS device. To access it on your Android device, go to the Google Play Store and search for Aakash CBT app. As the app name/ logo appears on the screen, click "Install" and download the App. Aakash CBT app. Similarly, search, download and install Aakash CBT app from iOS App store on Apple devices.


You can log into the Aakash CBT app with your username and password sent to your registered email and as SMS on your registered mobile number. The username refers to your Aakash PSID and must be entered as
You can find the username and password in your registered email id and SMS sent to the registered mobile number as it is notified when the student login is created. We highly recommend not to delete such communication. For further assistance, you can also call 1800-123-0329 between 10 am to 7 pm or mail your concern at
Aakash CBT allows you to attempt a range of tests based on real-like exam patterns and syllabus. To start with, you can take a Demo Test that would help you get familiar with the process of taking an online test.
Please note that all other tests would be published by the academic team as per a pre-defined schedule and would be considered for performance tracking and analysis.
To take a test:

1) Login into your Aakash CBT account on your device (tablet/ phone). A list of different type of tests would be listed including demo tests.

2) Click the test type that you wish to attempt. A list of all tests under the selected test type will appear on the screen.
Make sure that you start the test within the stipulated time window.

3) As you click a specific test to attempt, you will be taken to the instructions page.

4) Read the instructions carefully and click on "I am ready to begin" to take the test.
Yes. Aakash CBT allows you to take the test in both English and Hindi languages. To attempt a test in Hindi, click on the test tile mentioning Hindi along with the test name.
Please note that for tests to be attempted in Hindi, the instructions, navigation buttons, and questions will also be displayed in the Hindi language only.
Yes. The device-based version of the Aakash CBT allows test taking without the internet connectivity in offline mode on your device. You need the internet connectivity for downloading the test, log into your account and sync the progress. After successful login and downloading the test, connectivity to the internet is no longer required and test can be attempted in offline mode.

To attempt the tests in offline mode:
1. Log into your CBT account.
2.Click on 'Download' button below the test you wish to attempt. Make sure that your device is connected to the internet for downloading the test on your device.
3. Once the test is downloaded to your device, you can attempt the test even in offline mode.
Please note that web version of the Aakash CBT not available currently.
Yes. The test schedule is devised by Aakash’s academics team and is notified to the students well in advance.
The device comes with restricted downloads and app installations. The students are allowed to install specific apps and access websites as per AESL policies to ensure the purposeful usage of device for academics purpose only. After completion of the course in which you have registered, all restrictions on the device will be removed by the institute on request and device could be used as you want.
Click here for the list of apps allowed for installation/ access.


Aakash CBT Toll Free Helpline Number call8800198748

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