8 Tips to Ace CBSE Class 12 Physics Term 2 Exam 2022

BY Team Aakash Byjus

Divide your time in accordance with the syllabus. A minimum of  3-4 hours a day and a minimum of one chapter a day is good enough.

 The best thing to register important topics in our minds is by coloring/highlighting them with different colors.

All laws, derivations, equations, or formulae have to be written in a separate notebook to quickly revise them.

Understanding the logic behind derivation is the key to memorising them effectively.

Pay attention to numerical problems for all important concepts to master them.

Consult different CBSE Class 12 physics textbooks and refer to the concepts that the class teacher had asked you to mark out.

Solve CBSE Class 12 Physics sample papers as it  makes one round of your revision complete and also helps you develop time management skills.

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